Refine your NetSuite skills with these free online training resources

With remote working having become the new norm in recent months, NetSuite has responded with an influx of online training resources so you can use this time to upskill your NetSuite knowledge. Whether you have specific troubleshooting queries or want to brush up on best practices, below are a list of educational online resources to expand your NetSuite knowledge. Resources NetSuite online learning centre This online learning centre offers a range of online tutorials including Core ERP tutorials, SuiteAnalytics webinars

NetSuite Tips and Tricks for NetSuite Dashboards

NetSuite dashboards are incredibly useful when correctly configured. When you first log into NetSuite you immediately see the information that is useful to you – instant snapshots of KPIs, real-time business data and reports or shortcuts to areas you visit most often. There’s also direct drill-down capability, allowing you to move from summary to greater detail. We’ve provided guidance in customising your NetSuite dashboard in the past, but this time we want to talk about configuring your dashboard to your

NetSuite tips and tricks – directories and organisational charts

With businesses everywhere adjusting to the new normal of a remote workforce, ensuring employees can quickly find information to support them in their roles is essential. For the Annexa team, having SuitePeople’s employee directory and organisational chart in NetSuite has been a real time-saver. Before we could just turn to a colleague for the info, but with that no longer possible we needed a solution to give us all access to our colleagues contact information. Enter SuitePeople’s Employee Directory SuiteApp

Innovation – how we practice what we preach with NetSuite

Here at Annexa we often preach innovative practices to our clients.  We’ve seen first-hand how it’s possible to achieve remarkable outcomes by genuinely focusing on creating, exploring and solving problems for clients using modern technology. For example, our fledgling app creator series – created to showcase our innovation in real life examples – has proven popular with customers looking for new ways to power up their NetSuite investment. Here is a look at some of the ways the Annexa team

Get ready for the 2020.1 NetSuite Release!

NetSuite’s first release for 2020 is here! As your NetSuite partners, we have gone ahead and put together a comprehensive list of highlights for your industry to prepare you for the release.  Among the new powerful features are improvements to financial and operational excellence and extended capabilities to the Supply Chain Tower Control.   Financial and Operation Excellence  Custom transactions allowing organisations to create their own unique transaction types to cater for all business processes  Introducing enhanced revenue trace-through and bulk updates

NetSuite module spotlight: revenue recognition

To help you get more out of your NetSuite investment, from time to time we will be sharing some of our clients most in-demand modules. This time around it’s the ever-popular revenue recognition.  What is NetSuite revenue recognition management solution?  It’s designed to help you comply with accounting standards and report financial results in a timely manner by helping you schedule, calculate and present revenue on your financial statements accurately.    Who is this best suited for?  If you conduct sales transactions that consist of products or services, or both. It also works whether these transactions occur at a

Tips and tricks for NetSuite users – part 2

Whether you are a new, intermediate or advanced NetSuite user, there’s always room to learn a little more about the platform you will likely use to complete many of your tasks. And NetSuite certainly makes them easier. In this article, we cover some common work-related activities as we introduce a few of our favourite shortcuts that help shave time off your daily tasks.  Summary: NetSuite for beginners Global search: prefixes Global search: wildcards Personal preferences: signatures  Recent records NetSuite for intermediates Personal preferences: internal IDs Saved searches Employee records and permissions

Get more out of your NetSuite data with Monocle

Getting more out of critical business data is a key strategy being employed by our clients as they look to extract better information from the mountains of data flowing through their organisation.  To support the better use of data, we created Monocle – an app that helps you visualise key NetSuite metrics on a big screen. Since opening up Monocle to our customers, the app has attracted plenty of interest for its ability to convert raw NetSuite data into easy to interpret metrics that can be shared with internal teams.   How can Monocle help your business?  Making data pervasive and useable across your business gives

Tips and tricks for NetSuite users

Your NetSuite dashboard is a collection of tabbed pages in your NetSuite user interface. This consists of a home page, and pages according to your NetSuite role. Beyond this, there are plenty of ways to reconfigure and customise your dashboard around the tasks that suit your own workstyle.   In this article we share a few simple things you can do to make NetSuite your own.  Colour scheme change   Change the colour scheme to a colour palette of your choice or to match organisational branding.  Dashboard > Set Preferences > Appearance > Colour Theme drop down   Personalising dashboards   Organise your dashboard with standard report snapshots, graphs and SuiteApps so

The 2019.2 NetSuite Release is right around the corner!

NetSuite is rolling out their second release for the year It comes with new powerful features, enhancements, and functionality. Amongst the release is new financial capabilities, improved analytics and a huge amount of industry specific features! As your NetSuite partners, we have gone ahead and put together a comprehensive list of highlights to prepare you for the release. Critical Features SuiteAnalytics Workbooks Gain deeper business insights and access actionable and targeted data by using the new user SuiteAnalytics interface. Access