Annexa’s NetSuite implementation turns the tables to power growth for Eco Outdoor

Eco Outdoor were ready to move away from their current systems. With growth came difficulties too diverse for their existing siloed systems. Eco Outdoor turned to NetSuite and Annexa to deploy an integrated platform able to streamline and automate accounting, inventory management, sales orders, invoicing and purchasing.

Eco Outdoor are specialists in the supply of sustainable surface treatments and furniture, designed for outdoor spaces. Their distinctive take on the outdoor lifestyle connects living spaces and the natural world via innovative design solutions that grace properties the world over. This is an Australian company with a big vision. Their competitive advantage is both their products and people so they focus on initiatives that draw out these unique capabilities and strengths. With showrooms across Australia, they have recently opened showrooms in the US.

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‘Our investment in NetSuite has probably been the most important investment we've made, and it's really the backbone to the future scaling of the business. It’s enabling us to grow the business in Australia and scale the business in new markets.’
Jen Stumbles, Head of Marketing and Technology, Eco Outdoor

Annexa - Smart Commerce Partners

The challenge

Prior to NetSuite, Eco Outdoor’s two legacy business systems were acting independently of the other, making growth and expansion a challenge. Low visibility, siloing and data errors were holding them back from achieving their business goals.

Having completed an extensive review of available ERP solutions Eco Outdoor selected NetSuite as the right fit for their company. The next step was to locate an implementation partner. They knew the type of company they wanted to work alongside. A partner whose culture aligned with theirs, who had a strong background in developing innovative cloud solutions, and a partner with runs on the board when it comes to delivering solutions that could support smaller businesses to scale and grow in Australia, and around the world. Annexa was an easy choice.

“Partnering with Annexa was a very, very positive experience, which is not always the case with technology projects. They're complicated, they're multifaceted, people have varying degrees of skill and knowledge about the technology itself and there's always a big chasm between technology and business, and for me I felt like this was a great pairing.” Jen Stumbles, Head of Marketing and Technology, Eco Outdoor

Annexa - Smart Commerce Partners

The results

Deploying NetSuite gave Eco Outdoor the agility to adapt, change and scale as needed. It’s been critical to their continued growth and helped them efficiently and effectively expand into the US market. Today they have one centralised system that includes inventory management, dynamic replenishment, production planning, warehouse, financial management and a seamless bi-directional integration between NetSuite and Salesforce.

In the past they juggled multiple procurement spreadsheets, today a single report assists with replenishment of inventory. This has greatly improved speed, accuracy, and lowered costs by eliminating the need for manual data transfer. 

An optimised order management and fulfilment process means the warehouse is able to see and control when orders are despatched and communicate and schedule part deliveries to customers across the globe.

Eco Outdoor now enjoy greater visibility into financial, customer, inventory, performance and sales data, across all subsidiaries, to help them make informed decisions and expand the business. 

“The single biggest impact is having access to all the data. We had access to most of that data in our old system, but it's making that data usable and useful. For us to be able to retrieve that data, and get a single view of the performance of the business from any one perspective at the click of a button is huge.” Jen Stumbles, Head of Marketing and Technology, Eco Outdoor