NetSuite Transaction Emailer

Automate the processing and sending of transaction and statement PDFs.

Compatible with: NetSuite, NetSuite OneWorld Pricing: Price on enquiry
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Emailing transaction and statement PDF documents individually is a time-consuming process that takes time away from more valuable tasks. NetSuite Transaction Emailer eliminates these manual processes.

Users can process transactions such as customer invoices in bulk while each PDF document is listed centrally for review. The list can be filtered using various criteria types and emailed in batches rather than one by one.

For statement management, users can process and email statements to multiple customers in batches. Statement batches can be segmented by date range, customer, subsidiary or other specified criteria in NetSuite searches. In addition, statements can be consolidated by parent.

Your NetSuite email templates can be automatically applied to each email as it is processed. HTML or PDF document formats are also automatically generated for transactions being processed, and users can choose to add an additional attachment to each email.


Eliminate one by one sending

Save time by automating the emailing of transaction and statement PDF’s in batches.

Flexible criteria options

Filter batches to be emailed based on specific business criteria.

Reduce processing time

Processing statements and transactions can be completed faster, saving you time.