A full-featured NetSuite automated import/export extension that makes it easier to import, export and manage data in NetSuite.

Compatible with: NetSuite, NetSuite OneWorld Pricing: Price on enquiry
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The native CSV import functionality requires users to manually import data into NetSuite. This takes substantial time and effort each time the import process is performed.  To reduce errors, save time and improve your import processes, FileConnect brings enhanced import functionality to your NetSuite platform. Featuring a user friendly drag and drop interface the extension doesn’t require any technical knowledge while allowing users to easily update, modify or transform multiple NetSuite records in seconds. FileConnect’s processing engine can also import data sent directly to a specified email address. Using FTP processing, FileConnect automatically processes your data into NetSuite.

Because of the value and time-saving value provided byFileConnect, it has become a must-have for organisations looking for a more seamless approach for importing and exporting in NetSuite.


Customise import rules

Quickly and efficiently define existing saved CSV imports and custom import rules such as creating, updating and transforming records.

Automate imports

Automate and configure data imports and exports to run according to specified schedules.

User friendly interface

Drag-and-drop capability and user-friendly interface for an intuitive and engaging experience

Custom lookups

Create custom lookups based on imported CSV/XML data to map to its appropriate entry in NetSuite.

CSV templates

ImportExtend’s predefined rules let you work with both standard and modified CSV templates.