Landed Cost Distribution

Get full visibility on the total cost of an imported shipment including the purchase price, freight, custom/duty fees, labour and other costs up to the port of destination.

Compatible with: NetSuite, NetSuite OneWorld, SuiteCommerce Pricing: Price on enquiry
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Landed Cost Distribution


In NetSuite, if a landed cost bill is related to multiple item receipts, the user must complete a manual calculation outside of NetSuite to find the appropriate distribution per item receipt and edit each receipt with the calculated figures – one record at a time.

Annexa’s landed cost distribution extension bypasses this manual calculation by dynamically detecting and applying the landed cost values on a bill and distributing them to multiple item receipts as specified by the user.

Additional features include:

  • Bills for goods that are not yet delivered are displayed in a report for easy access when the goods arrive and landed cost can be applied.
  • The extension includes the ability to bulk override item receipts that already have landed cost applied.
  • Customisable search for bills that will need landed cost applied.
  • Suitelet to filter item receipts for the bill that will have landed cost applied.
  • Applies landed cost on bill header and line level.
  • Improve efficiency and reduce errors by dynamically applying landed cost.
  • Creates a log of distributions for easy monitoring.


Accurate landed cost

Ensure all stock on hand is valued at the total landed cost so you never lose out on profits.

Radically reduce administration

Spend less time undertaking manual calculations and more time focussing on the bigger picture.

Global commerce

Confidently open up to global markets with automated and accurate landed cost calculations.