Annexa Price Lift

Annexa Price Lift enables increased pricing granularity, flexibility and discounting capabilities by allowing you to quickly and easily control your inventory pricing. With Annexa Price Lift, you can choose to bulk adjust item prices by percentage either across the board, on a customer basis or for selected items grouped by price level. Even better, use the custom CSV file import option to bulk load percentage uplifts.

Compatible with: NetSuite, NetSuite OneWorld Pricing: Price on enquiry
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Annexa Price Lift


NetSuite saved searches doesn’t allow users to extract the customer item pricing relative to the sale UOM.  When performing customer item pricing uplifts, the manual process is complex and labour intensive.

With Annexa Price Lift you can define an uplift percentage and perform quick price changes across pricing levels and customer. This eliminates the need for price manipulation and external spreadsheet calculations.

When Annexa Price Lift helps

You may require a price lift across a large volume of items, for a variety of reasons.

Example 1 | When it comes time to adjust pricing based on inflation or movement in COGS, Annexa Price Lift can uplift all items by your selected percentage.

Example 2 | In this scenario you have hundreds of items, each with custom pricing. To increase by a percentage, in the past NetSuite users would be required to export that data to include all items, apply the percentage uplift in excel and then reimport. With Annexa Price Lift, this function can now be performed natively in NetSuite.

Example 3 | You need to reduce prices for a specific customer only. With Annexa Price Lift you can simply import the customer name and percentage uplift.



Bulk imports

Add the ability to use a CSV import to update both customer specific pricing for items or bulk pricing % increases or decreases.

Effortless updates

Streamline the price adjustment process to reduce pricing errors and save time undertaking time intensive manual processes.

Uplift your way

Flexibly implement discounts and uplift across the board, at customer levels or be pre-defined groups.


Simple to setup, easy to use and customisable to your requirements.

Easy monitoring

The app creates record for each price adjustment so you can access and monitor a log of price adjustments.