Distribution Webinar: Part 2 Mastering inventory management with ERP

In case you missed it… The Annexa team hosted an informative webinar this week for the distribution industry, covering inventory management for ERP. It sounds simple. Get the right goods to the right place, at the right time, in the right condition. But the numbers tell a different story.  1/3 of businesses ship late because products are sold which are not actually in stock*  43% of small businesses either don’t track inventory or use a manual method**  For retail, inventory is accurate just

From Start-up to Enterprise: Unlocking your digital company’s full potential

Software companies at every stage of the software life cycle face unique challenges. NetSuite understands these challenges because NetSuite itself gone through the entire software life cycle – from start–up to midmarket to up-market to its current state as a global enterprise. As NetSuite founder and chairman Evan Goldberg says, “We get software companies.”  In fact, NetSuite has tremendous software industry expertise. Over 1500 software companies – from start-up to enterprise – use NetSuite, making it the leading cloud ERP for the software industry. Not only that, but it includes more than 300 pre-built reports

A comparison: Multiple systems vs single ERP platforms

Many organisations have traditional ERP systems at the centre of their enterprises dating back a decade or more and loosely integrated with a patchwork of specialised point systems. Disparate legacy systems are batch-based, error-prone and share only a fraction of available data, resulting in fragmented information in siloed systems, scattered across the enterprise. With a single, unified platform, fragmented sources of data are consolidated into a single repository to create a single source of customer, inventory and order data that

AnnexaWorld shaping up to be the biggest ERP event in Australia

Off the back of its recent acquisition of Grant Thornton Technology Solutions, leading NetSuite provider Annexa has today announced the annual AnnexaWorld conference in partnership with Oracle NetSuite. AnnexaWorld 2017 is set to be the biggest yet, with keynote speakers including Troy Smith from retail giant Aesop, Tez Osman from Linen House and Vijay Raghvani from Oracle NetSuite. Initially founded as an event to engage customers and the NetSuite Community, AnnexaWorld has since evolved to be the go-to event for

The top 4 benefits of an integrated ERP system

Today, many companies are struggling to keep up with their growth and manage costs effectively because of disconnected functional systems causing process bottlenecks and employee productivity issues. Integrated business software is transforming how companies run, and is enabling them to surpass growing pains that previously held them back from taking their business to the next level. To ensure your business grows at the rates you plan for, it is vital to make sure your business software applications are integrated. The

Behind the apps: The making of AnnexaApps

One of the most powerful capabilities of NetSuite is the ability to customise, extend, integrate and develop solutions to enhance the platform. At Annexa we help our customers take full advantage of this extensibility with AnnexaApps. From better supporting workflows to making use of NetSuite data and integrating other market-leading solutions, our suite of in-house built apps have become a natural extension of our customers NetSuite platform, helping them better shape the system to their needs. We sat down with Andrew Maloney,

Webinar replay: two-part online distribution series

We’ve had great reviews from those who attended our 2-part distribution webinar series. In case you missed the live stream, you can still catch the webinar recordings online. Watch and learn direct from our solution consultants, on how you can harness the power of a modern cloud solution - complete with a pricing engine, configuration, inventory and collections – to dramatically improve the Q2C processes.  Webinar overviews Part 1: A cure for quote to cash inefficiencies Companies that have discovered the power of a modern cloud solution in a tightly

Case Study: T2

Enterprise architecture transformation supports T2’s global ambitions

Refine your NetSuite skills with these free online training resources

With remote working having become the new norm in recent months, NetSuite has responded with an influx of online training resources so you can use this time to upskill your NetSuite knowledge. Whether you have specific troubleshooting queries or want to brush up on best practices, below are a list of educational online resources to expand your NetSuite knowledge. Resources NetSuite online learning centre This online learning centre offers a range of online tutorials including Core ERP tutorials, SuiteAnalytics webinars

Paper: Shining a light on the flexibility of true cloud solutions

The last few weeks have seen businesses flock to cloud collaboration solutions – such as Microsoft Teams and Slack – as they look to oversee a new and almost entirely remote workforce. The value of these cloud tools cannot be underestimated in these uncertain times. Of course, cloud technologies have long been key tools for businesses looking to support a more flexible, remote workforce. The last few years have seen more and more companies move business applications to the cloud,