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NetSuite's ERP for Food and Beverage

A recipe for success: unified cloud business suites for food and beverage businesses

Refreshing solutions for tech-led industry growth

Food and beverage operators must be prepared to adapt to an ever-changing landscape influenced by evolving consumer expectations, the need to expand market share and the digital revolution. Get on the right side of disruptive trends with a unified, flexible, extensible, and highly scalable technology backbone. Cloud business suite, NetSuite, sets food and beverage businesses up for long-term success. From one unified suite, you can efficiently manage end-to-end manufacturing and distribution processes, from production planning and inventory management to compliance, in-built tax rules and global currencies. At Annexa, our industry-leading experts help meat, grains, dairy, horticulture, seafood, confectionery, and beverage manufacturers drive profitability and expand globally with NetSuite’s powerful ERP features – applied in the right way.

Satisfy your appetite for efficiency and growth with Annexa

Uncover new efficiencies

Address inefficiencies and improve sustainability with full control over your supply chain and operations, better while meeting the demands of a growing global customer base.

Modernise operations

Achieve your digital transformation goals faster by unifying application and data integration, API management and workflow automation in a single, scalable, cloud-based solution.

Put data and AI to work

Leverage real-time data analytics, machine learning and predictive maintenance to forecast with accuracy, reduce waste and improve international expansion processes.

Maintain regulatory compliance

Efficiently automate your inspection scheduling and monitoring procedures, to better manage inventory and expiration dates, and improve quality and compliance.

Food safety

Improve traceability to minimise uncertainty and harm caused by recall events. NetSuite provides the processes, tracking and reporting mechanisms and information needed to swiftly respond to a recall and preserve your reputation.

Supported by an expert team

Tap into our years of experience helping food and beverage manufacturers reduce overheads, build export capability, and improve sustainability.

Supporting trends shaping Food and Beverage sector


Digitisation and automation

Technology introduces countless competitive advantages. For example, automation and robotics are improving productivity, while sensors and predictive analytics are helping to balance cost-efficiency and quality through the evaluation of product traceability and shelf life.


Supply chain risk mitigation

Supply chains have always been vulnerable to disruption. Forward-thinking organisations are building supply chain resilience into operations by deploying predictive analytics to identify risks and scenario planning to respond quickly and efficiently.


Sustainable practices

A growing consumer consciousness around environmental issues and sustainability is driving industry operators to embrace eco-friendly practices. This includes measures like offering locally sourced produce, minimising carbon emissions, and providing sustainable packaging options.

Food & Beverage integrations

The path to cloud ERP transformation just got easier with AnnexaConnect, a powerful integration solution that connects NetSuite with leading commerce, warehousing and third-party logistics solutions, including Shopify PlusMagento, BigCommerce and WooCommerce. 


A move to NetSuite bears fruit for Botany Group 

Discover how NetSuite and Annexa gave Botany Group control over their entire supply chain, and a single real-time view of finances, resources, inventory, and performance. 

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