NetSuite for SaaS

Adapt, automate and tap into your true growth potential with the advanced capabilities of NetSuite cloud ERP for Saas

The cloud ERP platform for SaaS success

In no other industry is the ability to roll with the tides of change as critical as in the SaaS sector. To stay ahead of the curve, these companies must be agile enough to adapt and respond to emerging technology, shifting market trends and tough competition.

Getting ahead starts with a robust cloud business platform, delivered by experts with deep industry knowledge to implement the right strategic solution. NetSuite's highly extensible business suite provides a real-time, unified global management solution that delivers the agility, automation and advanced capabilities needed to grow globally and tap into the potential that lies ahead for SaaS businesses.

How NetSuite supports SaaS businesses 

Flexible and customisable

Bolster efficiency and productivity across financials and project management with automated workflows and processes, entirely customised for the business model and operations.

IPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service)

Achieve your digital transformation goals faster by unifying application and data integration, API management and workflow automation in a single, scalable, cloud-based solution.

Billing schedules

Schedule future-dated, real-time and back-dated invoices. Automatically bill subscribers at the end of free trials or increase rates when discounts expire.

Automate invoicing

Increase efficiency with an automated billing solution that ensures consistent invoicing with fewer errors.

Meet complex pricing requirements

Support multiple pricing models, including flat, tiered and usage-based options as well as customer-specific, volume pricing and combination plans.

Delayed billing

Automatically invoice new subscribers after a free-trial period or increase rates when promotional discounts expire.

Enduring customer relationships

Reduce subscriber churn and increase revenue by automating contract and subscription renewals.

Real-time data and analytics

Leverage unified data to gain a clear picture of financials, sales, inventory, and customer behaviour, helping business leaders identify new opportunities and make fast data-led decisions.

Cohesive collaboration

By sharing data across different departments and locations, NetSuite provides a centralised hub for managing operations, sharing data and improving collaboration and communication among dispersed team members.

Ensure revenue compliance

Accounting for recurring revenue can be complex and time consuming. NetSuite lets you automate this process and manage revenue accurately and in accordance with the latest revenue recognition standards.

Supporting trends shaping SaaS sector


API-led SaaS

Prolonged implementation cycles are the antithesis of the simplicity SaaS brings to business processes. To make it easier for businesses to connect their solutions, SaaS providers are increasingly offering integration options, such as APIs and connectors that deliver faster time to value.


AI as standard

Just as ERP users demand AI-powered features, so do other SaaS users. Expect more artificial intelligence to be integrated into SaaS services in the form of natural language processing, machine learning, predictive analytics and automation.


No to low code

No code SaaS capabilities continue to emerge based on rising market demand. These development-light solutions reduce reliance on skilled technicians while increasing productivity.

Global digital payments fintech expands and scales with Annexa 

To support the business through high growth, global payment solution provider Splitit was ready to introduce automated processes, optimised financial reporting, and improved visibility supported by NetSuite and Annexa. 

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