NetSuite Planning and Budgeting

Avoid managing legacy planning environments and error-prone spreadsheets and switch to a more agile, efficient, and competitive approach to budgeting, forecasting and planning.

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What is NetSuite Planning and Budgeting?

Now, more than ever, businesses need accurate, insightful and timely information for decision-making. Yet, many still rely on spreadsheets or stand-alone systems for planning and budgeting, resulting in less collaboration, more inefficiency and far too many errors. NetSuite Planning and Budgeting supports company-wide and departmental planning with modelling capabilities, approval workflows and reporting within one collaborative scalable solution.

Integrate NetSuite Planning and Budgeting into your NetSuite solution to:

Annexa + Pivot 2 Solutions:
A powerful pair unlocking opportunities with accuracy 

Our strategic partnership with Pivot2 presents an opportunity for businesses to optimise their business planning and reporting operations and position themselves for lasting success.

Through our partner solution, customers can deploy an intelligent, cloud-based Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting system that delivers the tools needed for an efficient and collaborative approach to future planning cycles, financial transparency and enhanced insights into business performance.

Choose capabilities most valuable to your business, including:

Businesses effectively planning with Annexa and Pivot2 Solutions

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NetSuite Planning and Budgeting is a a complete planning, budgeting, and forecasting solution used by companies worldwide to address a wide variety of financial, sales, contractual and operational planning use cases.   The solution includes: 

  • Intuitive, role-based web and MS Office interfaces.  
  • Flexible driver based what-if modelling capabilities.   
  • Built-in financial intelligence and spreading logic.  
  • Robust reporting and ad-hoc analysis with formatting and charting support.   
  • Integration with NetSuite Financials.  

Pivot2 is a team of highly influential and trusted enterprise performance management solution advisors, with specialist knowledge spanning the entire Oracle EPM Stack as well as NetSuite’s planning budgeting cloud solution. Learn more about Pivot2. 

At Annexa, we have twenty years industry expertise providing leading practice customised NetSuite solutions across sales, implementation, development and support. Our award-winning end-to-end solutions include in-house integrations, extensions, partnerships and full-service capabilities. Learn more about Annexa. 

Pivot2 and Annexa have teamed up to optimise the effectiveness of their customer’s financial capabilities with world-class planning and budgeting solutions from NetSuite. 

Planning, budgeting and forecasting allows organisations to link high level, strategic targets to financial and operational forecasts and report performance against those targets. Budgeting is used to set goals and performance measures for an annual budget cycle. Strategic planning provides a longer term road map of multiple years where the organisation can perform what if analytics based off different historical trend patterns, Forecasting is where your current year is then refreshed monthly with actuals to give you a picture of what the full year result will be at any point in time throughout the year. Both the Budget, Strategic Plan and Forecast can be based on the same underlying data to provide a consistent and continuous data flow.

It is difficult to estimate a one-size-fits-all NetSuite Planning and Budgeting solution. The pricing depends on the number of users, complexity of your solution and several other factors.  Annexa can provide guidance on licensing and pricing to deliver an optimised, cost-effective solutions best for your needs. 

There are many budgeting software options available, and the solutions you opt for depends on your current and existing business needs. For existing NetSuite customers, it is not only faster and more affordable to deploy NetSuite’s natively integrated planning and budgeting solution, it provides you with a single, consolidated platform to manage increasingly complex planning and budgeting activities. 

FP&A refers to the tools used by financial planning and analysis professionals. Excel has long been the standard tool used in FP&A, but today there are an array of advanced tools available to support finance’s budgeting, planning and forecasting efforts.  

Like NetSuite Planning and Budgeting, many support more complex tasks like modelling, analytics and performance-reporting capabilities. Ultimately,  FP&A tools are used to manage performance by linking strategy with execution. 

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