At a glance

When Botany Group were evaluating their ERP options, they knew it was critical to select a solution that could be shaped around their business processes and operations. With NetSuite’s flexible supply chain capabilities and Annexa’s reputation for delivering highly customised solutions, Botany Group found their answer and a future path towards operational excellence and business growth.

The client

Botany Group is an Australian owned national import and distribution business dedicated to bringing a first-class range of brands to the Australian retail market. A national field force paired with a direct-to-store delivery model, allows them to better connect with, and service, Australia’s major and independent retailers, fruit markets, delis and department stores, as they nurture the brands they represent as if they were their own.

We have a lot of overseas suppliers, so being able to convert to foreign currencies and back to Australian dollars is invaluable. NetSuite also enables us to report better, and drill down into the information for deeper insight. And it’s very user-friendly and intuitive. Everyone that we've added to the system has had no problems finding their way around.
Jennifer Marshall, Chief Financial Officer CPA, Botany Group

The challenge

In the absence of a modern software solution necessary for managing inventory, Botany Group were forced to rely on antiquated systems for maintaining good inventory levels. This made it increasingly difficult to manage their supply chain across multiple continents and currencies. They were struggling to access inventory metrics with real-time accuracy and when they could, extensive manual spreadsheet entry and data consolidation was required to shape accurate reports. With limited visibility stocking the right inventory levels, understanding specific ‘reorder points’ and maintaining the right inventory at the right place and time, was a labour-intensive process.

For the food distribution industry, inventory control and managing minimum life control is critically important. To identify the right inventory control metrics, workflows and processes Botany Group’s internal implementation team and Annexa’s solutions architects, worked in tandem as they explored solutions to ensure their NetSuite platform would enhance visibility and enable efficiencies across the supply chain.

Complete supply chain control

Advanced automation

Integrated 3PL model

Total inventory visibility

The results

Today, NetSuite gives Botany Group control over their entire supply chain, offering a single real-time view of finances, resources, inventory and performance whenever required, without demanding time-consuming consolidation of records, dashboards or manual account reconciliation. Advanced automation has removed the potential for human error to get an accurate picture of their inventory status at any given moment. With total visibility across the supply chain they can maintain optimal inventory levels and identify and act on cost variances as they occur, effectively reducing supply chain costs.

NetSuite’s native planning tools have empowered Botany Group to make informed data-driven decisions. For example, they were able to isolate and take action on, poorly performing branches that were holding them back from taking their business to the next level of profitable growth.

Moreover, as part of their cloud transformation, Botany Group were able to move away from managing their own warehousing and inventory, towards a 3PL model which seamlessly integrates with NetSuite, and drastically reduces operational costs.

Botany Group now joins the list of fast-growing Annexa customers who have successfully optimised their operations and grown using the enhanced capabilities of NetSuite and Annexa.

Annexa’s approach and implementation plan appealed to us. Throughout the project their people were very knowledgeable, and their service was absolutely first-class.
Jennifer Marshall, Chief Financial Officer CPA, Botany Group