Magento Integration

Our comprehensive Magento NetSuite integration bundles inventory, purchases and payments to enhance and modernise your sales and order management capabilities.

Compatible with: NetSuite, NetSuite OneWorld Pricing: Price on enquiry
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Magento Integration


By enabling eCommerce sales and stock updates to reflect in NetSuite in real-time, this secure synchronisation ensures back office order processing efficiency, provides a complete financial view of your business at any time and enables fast, seamless order fulfilment. In addition, the NetSuite Magento Integration is able to handle thousands of orders and stock updates daily, without any data loss.

Service bundle integration includes auto syncing for:

  • Sales Orders
  • Customers
  • Payments
  • Credit Memos
  • Item Fulfillments
  • Product Catalogue
  • Prices
  • Item Availability

Integrates with both Magento v1.9 or v2


Smooth syncing

Automatically synchronises critical business data including products/catalogues, orders, pricing, stock updates, customers.

Secure connection

All data is transferred securely between NetSuite and Magento.


If you require an advanced integration, we can customise to meet your requirements.

Save time, reduce errors

By optimising and automating repetitive manual tasks, the real-time, two-way data exchange between Magento and NetSuite increases productivity and improves customer service efficiency.