NetSuite for Retail and eCommerce

Keep pace and empower retail and eCommerce expansion with a robust backend to manage your supply chain and financials across multiple websites, countries and brands.

Unlock the power of efficient selling with a leading ERP solution for retail and eCommerce

Growing customer expectations and fierce competition require retail and eCommerce leaders to take a strategic, tech-supported approach to managing the entirety of operations including, financials, inventory management, shipping, logistics and customer service.

As business system experts, Annexa is committed to helping retail and eCommerce businesses thrive in today's global marketplace. With our deep industry expertise, growing alongside some of Australia and New Zealand’s biggest retail brands, you can turn your business challenges into significant opportunities for growth.

We also have a robust portfolio of commerce-specific apps and integrations, to provide the technologies necessary for success. Say hello to streamlined processes, enhanced operational efficiencies, and improved business visibility – all from one central platform.

Put the power of cloud ERP to work

Integrate to Shopify Plus & other leading platforms

Bring NetSuite and leading eCommerce platforms together to get a future-ready selling solution that delivers the unified visibility and control needed to build and run a successful business. Inventory, fulfilment, invoicing, accounting all seamlessly integrated to allow you to scale.

Automate mundane tasks

Automate business processes, such as financial, inventory and order management, freeing staff to focus on strategic decision-making and supporting a more customer-oriented culture.

Omnichannel management

With complete visibility into operations, staff can track inventory levels and sales across all channels while taking advantage of robust capabilities such as automated inventory replenishment.

Reporting and analytics

Customised dashboards, real-time reporting and advanced analytics provide actionable insights into key performance metrics to support data-driven decisions.

Never outgrow NetSuite

As your business grows, NetSuite grows too. Whether adding new products, expanding into new markets, or increasing your customer base, NetSuite's scalability seamlessly supports upticks in demand and growth.

Expand globally

Run your business around the world from one cloud ERP platform that supports multiple brands, countries, languages, currencies and tax rates.

See why retail brands grow faster with NetSuite

Supporting trends shaping retail growth

Personalised shopping experiences

By leveraging data on customer preferences and behaviour, businesses are honing the customer experience with personalised recommendations, targeted campaigns to attract and retain customers.

Omnichannel strategies

The line between online and offline continues to blur as eCommerce businesses expand their reach to brick-and-mortar stores, channel partners, and other channels. Omnichannel strategies provide seamless experiences across all channels to support a cohesive brand and improved customer loyalty.

System unification

It’s no longer necessary to work within a labyrinth of disparate systems. A single-system approach will create a single source of truth for customer, order, and inventory data.


eCommerce platform integrations

The path to cloud ERP transformation just got easier with AnnexaConnect, a powerful integration solution that connects NetSuite with leading eCommerce platforms, POS systems, shipping and banking.

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B2B solutions

Move away from siloed purchasing channels towards an integrated commerce solution that seamlessly connects NetSuite.

B2C solutions

Create a great online shopping experience and deliver it across any site, on any device and in any global location. 

True Protein muscles in on competition with a powerful NetSuite solution 

Not only did True Protein want to take back control of operations and be more proactive in the decision-making process, they required a system capable of seamlessly integrating with Shopify

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