B2B Commerce

Move away from siloed purchasing channels towards an integrated commerce solution that seamlessly connects NetSuite with either SuiteCommerce or your existing eCommerce platform.

Cloud commerce for B2B

A new breed of business systems has arrived. Connected, integrated and seamless by design, eCommerce no longer needs to sit apart from core business systems. NetSuite supports the varying needs of B2B eCommerce from a single platform. Advanced features ensure your B2B sites offer a B2C-like customer experience, while unlimited flexibility allows you to quickly develop new channels and business models with a dramatically lower investment and without the need to maintain separate systems.

Unlock B2B commerce features for success

Easy B2B buying

Convert online quotes to sales orders, pay invoices and check order status and account balances to maximise B2B buying and minimise manual work with SuiteCommerce MyAccount

Rich customer information

Enhance your B2B support with customer data unified across all channels and touch-points. 


Accelerated deployment

Go live on NetSuite in a predictable timeframe with a pre-defined set of leading practices designed to deliver rapid business value. 


Optimise your sales 

Provide the tools required for buying efficiency, including routine, repeat and bulk ordering capabilities and integrate with vendors, distributors, and manufacturing entities into your system.    


Unify your selling ecosystem

Annexa’s pre-built connectors are engineered to integrate existing systems like Shopify Plus B2B and Magento B2B with NetSuite.

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Supply chain

Turn your supply chain into an integrated value chain across demand, supply, and product. 

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Customer relationship management

Leverage a seamless flow of information across the entire customer lifecycle.

marketing automation

Marketing automation

Create a streamlined and consistent customer experience with personalised campaigns.




Unify your solution by connecting NetSuite with core applications and systems.

SuiteCommerce Advanced

Seamlessly integrate buying and selling with core operational business systems.

SuiteCommerce InStore

Intuitive web stores and engaging experiences meets seamless back-office integration.

Powering up B2B online selling and buying with one single streamlined platform

MotoBatt was ready to connect their existing NetSuite ERP system with a smart, new B2B ecommerce platform.

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