FileConnect is an Annexa developed NetSuite app that automates the import, export and management of CSV data in NetSuite.

It’s a full-featured import/export extension. Allowing users to drag and drop CSV files into the NetSuite dashboard for a painless, streamlined upload – with everything managed from the one user friendly dashboard.

It’s one of Annexa’s first internal built apps made available to our customers and it’s already used by 30% of our customers.

The idea first sprung to life in early 2017. Annexa’s very own Andrew Maloney had found that while NetSuite has many fantastic user-centric features, when it came to importing and exporting files at speed the platform fell short. NetSuite’s native CSV import functionality requires users to manually import data into the platform. This means substantial time and effort is used each time a user must perform an import or export. Andrew knew that if he could find a way to automate the process, he could save customers plenty of time, remove frustration and improve their productivity too.

To turn the idea into reality, a team gathered to strategise and plan the apps scope and functionality. With a detailed framework in hand, they began gathering a team with the speciality skills needed to make it happen. Charles Wakefield came on board to work on file connectivity, ensuring files could seamlessly move back and forth between FTP servers. Jarred Spriggs got to work on the complex task of mapping files to custom records. The front facing element – the drag and drop portlet integrated into the dashboard – required a custom HTML Java script portlet that would support both the dropping of CSV files and Jarred’s mapping logic. Perhaps the biggest hurdle was the automation piece. It was simple on the surface but tracking down and accessing the CSV files presented challenges that required some creative gymnastics to ideate the right solution.

It took about a month to complete the first iteration of FileConnect which also involved a warehouse integration. Since then FileConnect has undergone some serious iterative enhancements that have seen it snapped up by our commerce clients –who find the functionality particularly valuable for its ability to export and import CSVs to and from NetSuite when re-valuing stock or creating transfer or purchase orders. That said, any organisation in any industry needing to move data and files in and out of NetSuite will find see the advantage of FileConnect and its ability to remove an often time-intensive process.

Charles Wakefield believes the biggest customer benefit is the portlet itself:

“The portlet allows users to create a safe search in NetSuite, extract the CSV and just drop it in. You don’t have to map every time. While you might need to do a little mapping at the start, you don’t need do it again for that function.”

Another big benefit is its standard metric functionality. This means users can leverage the CSV import templates, as well as save searches to export data.

When it comes to customer feedback, Andrew says FileConnect’s strongest endorsement by customers comes in the form of silence. He explains:

“Once we’ve set FileConnect up, it’s 100% configured. Customers don’t need to follow up with us because it’s working from day one. And if something unexpected does occur, FileConnect’s advanced error management lets them resolve things straight away.”

Because of the value and time-saving value provided by FileConnect, it has become a must-have for organisations looking for a more seamless approach for importing and exporting in NetSuite. Plus, the user-friendly drag and drop interface means the extension doesn’t require any technical knowledge.

Ultimately FileConnect enables the flow of information on a more regular basis. For our customers already using FileConnect they are able to access their data quickly which improves visibility, insights and processing times.

To learn more about FileConnect see our apps by Annexa page here