Retail Express Integration

Streamline your Point of Sale and commerce operations to support omni-channel selling with a market-leading integration between Retail Express and NetSuite – all powered by AnnexaConnect.

Compatible with: NetSuite, NetSuite OneWorld Pricing: Price On Application
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Propel your growth with automated data sharing between Retail Express’s multi-channel POS software and NetSuite’s powerful back office functionality; backed by Annexa’s expertise and hands-on support. Our prebuilt integration supports omni-channel selling by natively connecting Retail Express and NetSuite to streamline inventory, stock levels, pricing and delivery.

Retail Express is a market leading POS system geared for scalability and growth. Trusted by thousands of business across ANZ, this comprehensive cloud-based retail solution brings together online and offline selling with easy to use interfaces, unique automations and powerful integration capability.

Retail Express connector includes: 

  • Automatically supports all standard Retail Express workflows 
  • Full visibility of inventory operations, pricing and delivery, all centralised in NetSuite 
  • Streamlined Point of Sale and eCommerce operations for total support of an omni-channel selling experience 


Supporting a seamless omni-channel experience

Orders sync between Retail Express and NetSuite to allow orders to be fulfilled direct from warehouse or dispatched to store for click and collect.

Accurate stock levels

Maintain optimal stock levels within NetSuite with near real-time stock levels across stores and warehouses.

Centralise inventory management

Keep NetSuite as the single source of truth for inventory management and pricing, synced to all locations.

Stay up-to-date with performance

Secure, up-to-date back office financials, so you always know what’s happening.

Power up your sales tools

Centralised discounting, refunds, exchanges, store credits, in-store laybys and payments methods.