Vend Integration

Our bi-directional prebuilt NetSuite and Vend POS integration allows you to bridge the gap between online and in store by syncing all data in real time, keeping sales data accurate and centralised across the business.

Compatible with: NetSuite, NetSuite OneWorld Pricing: Price On Application
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AnnexaConnect’s popular prebuilt Vend integration connects Vend’s cloud first architecture with NetSuite’s backend using a real-time API to instantly link up products, sales, payments and customers.

Fully managed, and able to be customised to suit unique commerce requirements, our Vend integration provides retailers with 360 degree views of their entire business giving them complete control over every aspect of sales.

Service bundle integration includes auto syncing for:

  • Products
  • Stock levels
  • Transactions
  • Tax rates
  • Sync promotions and sales
  • Retail locations and warehouses


Bi-directional syncing

Seamlessly connects Vend and NetSuite to share all inventory, customer and sales data in real time.

Advanced visibility

Gain greater insights with a holistic view of the customers and real-time inventory visibility.

POS and back office combined

Pair Vend's unmatched POS, multi outlet retail and inventory management system with the intrinsic flexibility of NetSuite.

Almost instant

Experience real time updates to reports and stock levels, and enjoy accurate in-depth sales reporting.