Your NetSuite dashboard is a collection of tabbed pages in your NetSuite user interface. This consists of a home page, and pages according to your NetSuite role. Beyond this, there are plenty of ways to reconfigure and customise your dashboard around the tasks that suit your own workstyle 

In this article we share a few simple things you can do to make NetSuite your own. 

Colour scheme change  

Change the colour scheme to a colour palette of your choice or to match organisational branding. 

Dashboard > Set Preferences > Appearance > Colour Theme drop down  


Personalising dashboards  

Organise your dashboard with standard report snapshots, graphs and SuiteApps so it makes sense to you. 

Home Dashboard. Top right, click on Personalise. 


New release portlet  

Get the down low on the latest release and how it affects you. 

Home > Personalise > Standard Content > New Release  


Navigation portlet 

Shortcut your processes based on role or function.  

Subsidiary navigator  

View all subsidiaries and adjusts all dashboards and reports accordingly.


Use the out of the box tiles to view shortcuts to important information.