NetSuite SuiteCommerce MyAccount

Provide self-service ordering and account management to your customers without having to build a whole new eCommerce site.

A powerful NetSuite native customer portal

Empower your customers and free up staff for more important tasks with the new customisable SuiteCommerce MyAccount. With this 24/7 online portal, customers can easily view their new and historical sales orders, pay invoices, manage subscriptions, make repeat purchases, and easily update their address book and credit cards.

Self service online account management

Manage billing and accounts

Automate and expedite your billing process by giving customers complete visibility and downloadable access to outstanding and available balances, deposits, credit memos and account terms.

View and pay Invoices

Customers can view their invoices, make full or partial payments via credit card or apply open credit memos against their balance. Paid invoices are then automatically deducted from their outstanding balance.

Update payment information

Allow customers to store and manage credit card details and update payment information such as credit card type, card number, name, expiration date or security code.

Order history

Provide complete access to online order history, including billing, shipping, payment, and order status with tracking links. Enable customers to reorder items from their history or cancel pending sales orders.

Request a refund, credit or return

Enable self-service return management that allows shoppers to initiate an online return authorisation and monitor the progress of their credit or refund.

Quote management

Simplify the quoting process by allowing buyers to view their quotes, check the status, and convert the quote to an online sales order once a company representative approves.

Case management

Improve engagement and client satisfaction by enabling customers to submit questions or support queries directly connected to your support desk.

Subscription management

Subscription businesses with NetSuite SuiteBilling can allow users to view and manage their subscriptions. Users can upgrade, including new optional services, or cancel their existing subscriptions.

Site management

Drag-and-drop tools allow the easy management of content on the MyAccount portal. Customise account pages with the same themes and layouts as your site to create a seamless shopping experience. Use current extensions or develop your own.

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