At a glance

Seeking global supply chain visibility and unified B2B and B2C commerce platforms, Uppercut Deluxe has successfully positioned itself for scalable growth and operational excellence.

The client

Men’s grooming brand, Uppercut Deluxe is the brainchild of friends and barbers, Luke Newman and Steve Purcell. Frustrated with mediocre grooming products, the duo set out to develop high quality grooming products for men. In 2018, they began experimenting with different formulas to develop their first product, the “Deluxe Pomade”. They have since become a leading eCommerce brand, employing a team of 40 across four countries.

Uppercut Deluxe started in Australia, selling directly to barbershops before expanding into the US and the UK. We then took our distributor model to Europe, South America and Asia, where distributors now sell our products onto barbershops. It’s a model that has provided really good on the ground, authentic growth. We also sell direct to consumers online in Australia, the US, Europe and Canada.
Zac Schutt, global finance and IT manager, Uppercut Deluxe

The challenge

To help them scale globally, Uppercut Deluxe invested in NetSuite 2018 and unified their global NetSuite instance with payroll, websites, employee expense tracking, freight, and marketing. Through tech stack consolidation, they achieved a unified global source of truth, eliminating the issue of scattered data and siloed systems.

But when it came time to build out SuiteCommerce Advanced, a B2B eCommerce platform tailored to their unique selling and buying scenarios, they turned to Annexa.

“We initially considered Annexa because they specialised in SuiteCommerce Advanced, and we didn’t have those skills internally. But after talking to them, what really impressed us was their breadth of knowledge. Their team really knew their stuff - more than any of the other partners we were looking into. I flew down to the Melbourne offices and it just blew me away how much Annexa was all over it. They knew exactly what was going on, exactly how to get a business to run. It was just a really good fit.”

- Zac Schutt, global finance and IT manager, Uppercut Deluxe

Expanded across 4 countries

Complete global supply chain visibility

Unified B2B selling platform

Australia, US, Canada & UK

The results

Like any global manufacturing, distribution and eCommerce business, Uppercut Deluxe have a complex operational model. To keep operations humming, they required a number of system integrations to manage their order and fulfillment structures including wholesale, manufacturing, marketplaces and a direct-to-consumer model.

Uppercut Deluxe’s foundational systems were upgraded once again when they engaged Annexa to implement a B2B web store on the SuiteCommerce Advanced platform. Annexa’s specialist team designed and delivered a NetSuite-powered B2B platform that offered a consistent and tailored shopping experience for business buyers and distributors, all while optimising operational efficiency, supplier management, stock control, fulfillment speed, and customer service.

With SuiteCommerce Advanced natively integrated, buyers can effortlessly convert quotes into sales orders complete with automatically applied volume discounts. From a secure self-service portal, buyers can view account balances, invoices and transaction histories and make payments against invoices. This has not only ensured a smoother experience for their business customers, but it also reduced sales and support requests, freeing reps to focus on driving new business.

Given that we had been a NetSuite customer for three years before we engaged Annexa, a lot of the implementation and setup had already come and gone. Having said that, going forward Annexa is our first choice for any future projects. It just wouldn’t make sense to go anywhere else.
- Zac Schutt, global finance and IT manager, Uppercut Deluxe