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Following a stringent selection process, we at Annexa are proud to have been selected as the implementation partner for Tomoana Warehousing, a 100% Booth's Transport Group, Kiwi owned, warehousing and container transport company. To improve visibility and integrate systems, Tomoana Warehousing replaced their outdated software systems with a single application to unify and streamline transport and warehouse management processes.

The client

Tomoana Warehousing is a true New Zealand success story. For over 20 years, Tomoana have been helping importers, exporters and manufacturers source cost-effective, efficient alternatives for North Island distribution. Behind their consistent track record of on-time, complete, safe delivery and storage of goods, is their Booth's Group uniting philosophy of Can Do. Will Do. This unique proposition - a balanced combination of skill, expertise, and responsiveness - has seen them transform into the leading warehousing and transport specialists they are today.

Annexa have really listened to how our business works – our workflows and processes – and translated that into an integration, layout or report in NetSuite.
Daniel Bartlett, IT Manager, Tomoana Warehousing

The challenge

Like many fast-growing organisations operating in this space, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Tomoana Warehousing. A lack of visibility was limiting the kinds of information they were able to glean about their warehouse operations. On top of that, their existing business system solution was not integrated with other systems, making it difficult and time-consuming to consolidate financial data via spreadsheets for reporting. To fulfil their vision for growth and expansion, they required a solution that could keep pace with the varying demands that come with running a modern logistics business. Topping their list of requirements - a best-of-breed cloud-based ERP system that included automatic upgrades to keep all users current with the latest features.

Given these requirements, NetSuite was a clear choice. And for their implementation, Tomoana Warehousing chose Annexa.

“We started hitting some roadblocks in our warehouse operations and as we looked into these issues, we quickly found inadequacies around other parts of the business relating to visibility, integration, customer experience, stock control and accounting. We found that we weren’t capturing good data on our revenue, how that can be translated into profits and the relationship with our customers from a financial perspective. For warehousing, it wasn’t clear how we were utilising our warehouses and how well they were performing. We also didn't have an adequate portal for customers to access.”
- Bob Cleland, Director, Booth's Group.

The results

Beyond Annexa’s trans-Tasman expansion, Tomoana Warehousing elected us based on both our reputation for achieving stellar results that exceed expectations and our industry-leading team that are already proving their worth in the early planning stages of Tomoana Warehousing's project.

As we enter the build phase we are excited to be part of Tomoana Warehousing's digital transformation. Watch this space for an update post-implementation.

We've spent two months working with the Annexa team for the design process and we’re about to go into the build phase. So far, it has been a remarkably smooth process. We have a dedicated project manager, and over the course of the project there has not been a single day that goes past that hasn’t included some sort of interaction with our project manager. It’s a really fantastic level of service, certainly compared to a lot of software vendors and other areas of IT.
Daniel Bartlett, IT Manager, Tomoana Warehousing

At a glance

True Protein enhanced control of operations and decision-making processes with a modern connected solution by NetSuite.

The client

True Protein is the fastest-growing health and performance supplements company in Australia. Since 2014, True has cut through the noise of a highly competitive industry to break the mould by delivering authentic, all-natural products with genuine health benefits and none of the fake stuff. They bucked the trend for expensive, over-hyped, bad-tasting protein powders and health supplements. Instead they create theirs with 100% natural, delicious, quality formulations with no gimmicks, nothing artificial and a completely transparent ingredient list. Growing at such a rapid pace, the business has been forced to get more mileage and deeper Insights from their systems and Netsuite was the chosen solution. The primary goal was to gain deeper reporting Insights, stronger Inventory management and real-time access to Information to make better decisions across the company's value chain.

We had reached a point where our existing framework wasn't capable of supporting our growth, our internal reporting needs and most importantly the customer experience we are renowned for. We needed to overhaul everything from the eCommerce platform, through to our warehouse management system and then into finance and procurement as well. Our entire value chain needed re-evaluation.
Lachlan Cornwell, Chief Financial and Operations Officer, True Protein

The challenge

In mid 2019, True Protein selected Annexa to replace their various existing software platforms with NetSuite. The joint goal was to implement a system based on leading practices that would unify the financial and operational aspects of the business.

Early on, two primary motivations emerged. Not only did True Protein want to take back control of operations and be more proactive in the decision-making process, they required a system capable of seamlessly integrating with Shopify – their soon-to-be eCommerce platform.

Existing processes were wasting valuable time as people had to patch together information from siloed and disparate systems. Reporting took so long that when they could finally make sense of the data, the time to take a relevant course of action had long ago expired. For management, this lack of trust in their data had forced them to conservatively over invest in goods and raw materials. This meant cash flow was being held in ‘safety’ inventory rather than fuelling the company’s growth.

With aggressive expansion plans in the works, True Protein had also decided to switch from Neto to eCommerce platform Shopify. To successfully complete this transformation, True Protein required a system that could centralise its back-end operations while seamlessly integrating with its front-of-house system.

Connected warehouse, operations and eCommerce

A single source of truth company-wide

Advanced real-time reporting capabilities

Boosted staff engagement and productivity

The results

The decision of platform and partner was closely aligned for the True Protein team, explains True Protein CFO, Lachlan Cornwell:
“We have implemented a number of software solutions across different parts of the business over the past three or four years. Each had been met with varying levels of success. Our view is that the primary driver of success is not only the solution, but also the people that you're partnering with. We instantly had a strong rapport with the Annexa team and we could immediately sense that they understood our business. They provided the additional stewardship you need when you make significant investment Into new business systems.”

Annexa recommended a multi-step approach to increase the success and adoption rate of their new ERP. This helped overcome resistance to change, allowed lessons learnt in early phases to be incorporated in later phases, and ensured that a solid foundation of project-level data would be available before rolling-up enterprise-level information. Phase one involved Annexa implementing NetSuite SuiteSuccess Manufacturing Emerging Edition while True Protein’s team got Shopify up and running. For phase two, Celigo completed the NetSuite and Shopify integration. Throughout the project, the three teams worked as a cohesive and highly communicative unit.

Using the SuiteSuccess implementation model, Annexa leveraged pre-built, industry-leading practices that accelerated True Protein’s time to value while reducing the overall business risk inherent with deploying ERP technologies. And for True Protein, the results have been game changing. NetSuite has delivered a single source of truth across the entire business, and opened up previously unavailable data to provide much-needed real-time data reporting, at speed. Now when the team gets together, everyone has access to critical information and is able to speak a consistent language.

From a finance perspective, they are now able to connect a range of operational aspects such as procuring product ingredients from across the globe and channelling the procurement process into the finance function. They have also gained far greater insight into their warehouse operations with real-time reporting now available on critical data points such as volume of sales and average order volumes.

Automation has also positively impacted True Protein operations. From loading data, through to auto downloading files, the team are finding many of these seemingly small improvements have drastically improved processes and productivity.

Finally, having a more intelligent ERP platform complete with readily available data has boosted company-wide engagement and placed True Protein staff in a position where they are empowered - and driven to - add further value to the business.

Where once staff worked in siloes, today they are sharing data, making more effective decisions and contributing more to the company as a whole.

We had a very, very strong team in Annexa bring forward NetSuite to us as a solution. The conversations were not focused on a sales pitch, it was more about understanding what our problems were. They talked us through how each module of the software could assist us when it comes to our production cycle, and how it would impact all the other processes that hang off the back of that. It really made sense to us.
Lachlan Cornwell, Chief Financial and Operations Officer, True Protein

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T2 partners with Annexa to transform their legacy enterprise architecture into a rapid enabler of unified commerce global expansion.

The client

Back in 1995, T2 opened their first boutique tea store in Fitzroy, Melbourne. With an enduring passion to reinvent and reimagine the humble tea leaf, a few decades later has seen them transform into a global lifestyle brand with nearly 100 stores around the world, as well as thriving wholesale, ecommerce and marketplace channels. More recently they have expanded into travel retail, supplying their fruit-flavoured tea and infusions to many of the world’s best hotels, restaurants and retailers. In fact, they now sell enough tea every month to make over 10 million cups!

The flexibility and availability that Annexa provides is refreshing. Potential solutions are discussed in an open, constructive manner and if it’s the right option, there’s never any resistance to change.
Rohan Penman, Global Head of Technology, T2

The challenge

In 2015 T2 selected Annexa as their NetSuite partner engaging the team to support T2’s global ambitions by replacing their legacy systems with a flexible, agile and rapidly scalable enterprise platform. Annexa drew on their vast experience in Retail to deliver an end-to-end solution for all channels, in all markets. The solution streamlined T2’s operations by integrating ERP, accounting, CRM, POS and warehousing using NetSuite.

Since this successful implementation, T2 has expanded their multiple sales channels as they continue to work closely with the Annexa team to enhance their NetSuite architecture. With end of life approaching for their POS solution and a strategic goal to deliver a true modern omnichannel experience, T2 was ready to further shape and integrate their NetSuite solution to meet these objectives.

“To keep pace with new technologies and changing consumer demands, you must bring everything together with a unified commerce strategy.”
- Rohan Penman, Global Head of Technology, T2

Collaborative implementation of Infinity POS

Faster picking and packing through a new adaptable WMS solution

Real time address validation

Visibility with custom support dashboards

The results

With the second major phase of T2’s NetSuite implementation underway, the Annexa team are currently replacing the existing POS (Vision Bean Store) and warehousing system, with a goal of providing a more powerful, integrated business management suite that meets the higher expectations of today’s consumers shopping experiences.

T2 carefully weighed their options for a more seamless and modern POS solution. To better accommodate a true omnichannel experience, they turned to Triquestra. This proven unified commerce platform integrated effortlessly with NetSuite.

A collaborative effort to replace the legacy POS solution is currently underway with Annexa, MuleSoft (Salesforce) and Triquestra (responsible for implementing Infinity POS) all working together to have Infinity live in all stores across Australia and the globe in 2020. Click and collect was also launched in a staged approach from February. With rollout underway, onboarding store managers has proven to be quick and painless –it often takes less than 30 minutes for team members to understand and take ownership of the POS system.

In order to deliver a true omnichannel experience, one that offers a seamless end-to-end purchasing experience for their customers and clients, T2 needed to improve key areas such as visibility of inventory stock, shipping and click and collects within each channel. They replaced their existing warehouse management system (WMS) with supply chain management solution HighJump Advantage. Since implementation, this robust system has enabled faster processing times, advanced picking and packing strategies and unique workflows that has driven differentiation for T2 while reducing costs.

To further enhance their customers experience, Annexa recommended NetSuite’s case management capabilities to help automate and organise T2’s customer inquiries and feedback. Previously support cases were directed to an inbox or made via phone and managed manually through emails, making it difficult to follow up and track cases. As part of the NetSuite CRM, the integrated ticketing system is designed to manage customer communications and support issues within the NetSuite platform. Annexa were able to integrate this support platform on to the website to help direct enquiries into the Customer Server Team. A custom dashboard in NetSuite then categorises and prioritises active cases, providing a visual representation of the customer care teams performance and workload.

Finally, to address incorrect inputs of addresses on the customer record, Annexa implemented a third party real time address validation solution via Loqate. This seemingly small feature has significantly contributed to higher quality customer address data, a reduction in lost shipments and improved customer service.

Infinity POS is a platform you can happily build on, and it's a very big enabler for us from a retail and digital point of view. It allows a unified strategy integrating the digital world and the physical store.
Rohan Penman, Global Head of Technology, T2

At a glance

Motivation Australia deployed NetSuite - a single integrated, cloud application - to gain real-time access to key metrics helping them approach fundraising activities including accurate donor reporting with more efficiency than ever.

The client

Based in South Australia, Motivation Australia is a not for profit organisation creating positive and lasting change. Their work supports people in developing Pacific Island nations to access rehabilitation and assistive technology - such as wheelchairs, prosthetic legs and walking aids. Motivation Australia works with local services to reduce the impact of impairment, remove barriers, and empower people with disabilities to live their lives to the fullest.

NetSuite gives us reporting flexibility, and at different levels. If we need to know how much we've spent in one region or on a programme, or even how much we've spent on technical resources using the funds from a particular funder, we can get that information in real time. It no longer takes up valuable time and that's really important for us.
Alex Philips, Finance Manager, Motivation Australia

The challenge

Prior to NetSuite, Motivation Australia relied on a cumbersome mix of legacy and spreadsheet processes to manage their local and international relationships, programs and finances. They were ready for a cloud financial solution that would deliver a deeper and broader view of their finances while supporting transparency, and accountability through modern reporting for their many stakeholders – both government and local/international benefactors. Beyond external reporting, they also required a solution that would allow internal reporting to be configured around the roles of staff, for example the CEO, board members and program managers.

Accurate and streamlined reporting cannot be underestimated in the not for profit sector. With better control over finances and data, Motivation Australia would be better positioned to dedicate more time to realising their mission, and less time battling clunky legacy systems and spreadsheets to deliver customised reporting.

Following an exhaustive requirements analysis, Motivation Australia selected NetSuite as their cloud financials platform and Annexa as their implementation partner. Both NetSuite and Annexa share a deep understanding of not for profit organisations and the challenges they face, making this duo a perfect fit for Motivation Australia.

Responsive to diverse needs of multiple local and international stakeholders

Advanced reporting capabilities

Transparent and accountable processes

Visibility with customised dashboards

The results

By replacing manual processes and workflows with a smoother financial system and associated processes with NetSuite, Motivation Australia were able to build a stakeholder‐focussed framework of reporting while better managing their accounting and financials, and maintaining a constituent and donor database.

Today they have 24/7 access to real-time data giving them the tools to track and optimise the performance of their programs. This allows them to quickly convey this message to stakeholders, and make informed financial decisions for future programs. As an international development organisation the cloud-based platform allows them to securely access NetSuite wherever they roam – from head office to a small pacific islands. Because NetSuite is so extensible, Motivation Australia have been able to shape and grow their platform around their evolving needs -tightly integrating NetSuite with their unique programmes and global footprint.

Certainly, the largest impact for Motivation Australia - and their main motivation for implementing NetSuite – has been the advanced reporting capabilities. They now have easy and configurable reporting for executive leadership, board members, donors, auditors, and accounting. Meanwhile the fundraising and sales arm can access role-based metrics and analytics that support deep insight and decision-making – for historical or real-time data. This has ultimately given them a more complete picture of their performance, reduced the reporting overheads of the past and allows them to intelligently allocate funding to programs.

NetSuite’s reporting functionality has proven to be time saving and flexible for us, which translates to cost savings across our programs. We now have the insights needed to maximise how we use our funds and deliver the most impact for our partners and their clients. We're very proud of how much we allocate to our international programs and love to see our funds going to where they are really needed.
Alex Philips, Finance Manager, Motivation Australia

At a glance

To enhance operations and customer service, Gateway Packaging replaced their disparate and isolated software systems with a single application instance able to deliver advanced visibility and reporting capabilities.

The client

Providing Australian manufacturers with a ‘gateway’ to a world of innovative end-to-end packaging solutions, Gateway Packaging has been operating since 2000. Behind their consistent growth is a commitment to applying best practices and product innovations, optimum product selections and extraordinary customer and product support. It is this unique value proposition that has seen Gateway Packaging become the Number 1 packaging partner of Australian manufacturers.

NetSuite has had a huge positive impact across the company in terms of increased productivity, sales and staff engagement. Because each department always has access to the information they need, they’re empowered to make their own accurate, informed decisions.
Craig Phillips, Sales Manager, Gateway Packaging

The challenge

With multiple business systems, Gateway Packaging were struggling to get an accurate view of the company’s operations. Data was scattered across a separate CRM and accounting system, and the additional spreadsheets required to connect the data were error-prone and hard to maintain. Manual reporting processes were draining resources as staff had to extract and sift through data to generate reports. Following years of steady growth, Gateway Packaging knew it was time to integrate their business software applications and standardise processes across a single, unified cloud system.

Having reviewed several options to implement the front- and back-office systems they needed, Gateway Packaging selected NetSuite and Annexa as their implementation partner.

“Early on, we knew we wanted someone we could trust and who’s work had already been proved. We’d been referred to Annexa and when we met the team, we were really impressed by both their offering and company values. So that early engagement really confirmed NetSuite as a product and Annexa as our partner.”

- Craig Phillips, Sales Manager, Gateway Packaging

2 subsidiaries, 3 warehouses

Monocle for sharing key metrics

Advanced reporting functionality

The results

Working with NetSuite Partner Annexa, Gateway Packaging rolled out NetSuite using Suite Success Financials First - a unique set of processes, activities and systems specifically designed for their industry, whilst flexible enough for their individual requirements. This deployment model delivered rapid implementation ensuring NetSuite was up and running quickly. The next phases involved integrating the CRM and later expanding their accounting and financial functionality to further enhance reporting and automation capabilities.

With NetSuite deployed, all of Gateway Packaging‘s critical functions and processes are in one central database and all reports and dashboards extracting data from a single, centralised data repository. This means that they can now instantly access customised performance insights tailored to each department’s need. This advanced visibility through reporting paired with NetSuite’s accurate and timely data capabilities has created a culture where staff are able to take ownership, be accountable and leverage data to make faster, more effective decisions. By removing the frustrating restrictions associated with inefficient and disjointed reporting processes, staff are now free to focus on more high value tasks, driving further value for Gateway Packaging.

One of the highlights of the partnership was Annexa’s in-house developed Monocle – one of many available Apps by Annexa. This dashboard app pulls Gateway Packaging’s key metrics from NetSuite and displays that data in real-time visuals. Monocle is then fed onto a large central display where all team members can clearly see company performance. The addition of Monocle has been a significant contributor to company cohesion, engagement and overall productivity.

“With its live key metric reporting on the big team display, Monocle keeps the team completely motivated and accountable. There's nothing like having all the key metrics up on a big display and everyone's keeping tabs on how far we have to go to hit a target - it's really motivational and keeps the team on the same page.”

- Craig Phillips, Sales Manager, Gateway Packaging

For Gateway Packaging, NetSuite is not only transforming how the company runs, it’s also positively impacting staff engagement and satisfaction levels. Today, having transcended the siloed architecture that has been holding them back, Gateway Packaging are now working to take their business to the next level of sustainable growth.

NetSuite’s endless customisation options for reporting has been really useful for the team. We now have the ability to generate reports in the most meaningful format for each department, giving each team control over the final shape of reports and the insights we can take from them.
Craig Phillips, Sales Manager, Gateway Packaging

At a glance

Cargo Crew engaged Annexa to implement an integrated, synchronised cloud accounting, financials and marketing platform to help their business grow.

The client

Cargo Crew takes a fresh approach to uniform design with a diverse range of original designer aprons, contemporary shirts, premium t-shirts, knits, vests and pants to complete any modern uniform look. Based in Melbourne, Australia they service a fast-growing global market with Goop by Gwyneth Paltrow among many high profile clients.

We really wanted to double down on our growth, so we needed to build a strong foundation, and NetSuite has provided a solid foundation to help the business scale quickly and easily.
Paul Rodgers, Operations Director, Cargo Crew

The challenge

As Cargo Crew’s business begin to rapidly expand, they needed a right-fit cloud-based system to effectively support and enhance their business model. Multiple, siloed systems were hindering their ability to enable a single source of truth and access accurate business-critical data across financials, inventory, customers and commerce.

Having attended AnnexaWorld, Cargo Crew felt confident they had found a partner who not only shared their values, but also had the on-the-ground NetSuite expertise needed to guide them through a successful ERP and CRM implementation project.

Go live with NetSuite and Magento

1 head office, 1 external location

Accurate financials with auto invoicing

Visibility with custom dashboards

The results

Through the help of Annexa, NetSuite provided a customisable, scalable ERP solution - integrated with Magento - that enables Cargo Crew to efficiently run their business, complete with infinite expansion capabilities to support growth.

Visibility through reporting and dashboards coupled with NetSuite’s accurate and timely data capabilities has created a culture where people are able to take ownership, be accountable and leverage data to make faster, more effective decisions.

An RF Smart integration was built to deliver a clear and accurate picture of inventory. By validating and entering data into NetSuite in real-time, Cargo Crew enjoys automated manual processes to increase warehouse productivity.

An Infinet Cloud integration has also reduced many manual processes for payroll, timesheets and leave management. Managers now have a greater ability to see their teams leave requests and make decisions on leave approvals all within NetSuite.

Changes to the invoicing process has also been a game changer. Time-intensive manual invoicing has been replaced with auto invoicing, to provide accounts receivable with accurate data and visibility over the company’s financial processes.

Innovation has become more embedded at Cargo Crew too. Where once account managers would have to manually create new products, at the click of a button a custom work order processing solution allows products to be built based on existing products, allowing the quick fulfilment of work orders.

When it comes to having a NetSuite partner, you need to have faith in the people you partner with to deliver on what they promise. At Annexa, the people we work with are interested in our business and get excited when they know they've improved processes on the businesses side.”
Paul Rodgers, Operations Director, Cargo Crew

At a glance

Explore the ways our NetSuite ERP solution supported YWCA Australia with a centralised system - across eight divisions – to streamline its processes and gain a 360 degree view of the organisation.

The client

YWCA Australia is a leading national feminist organisation working towards a future where all women, young women and girls are equal, safe and respected. With a goal of achieving true gender equality, they operate Australia-wide offering local programs and services in areas such as leadership, housing, homelessness, safety and wellbeing.

We wanted a system flexible enough to meet the needs of the organisation, and a partner who could connect NetSuite with external systems. Annexa provided that flexibility.
Faisal Mukhtar, National CFO, YWCA Australia

The challenge

Previously, YWCA’s accounting, financial and inventory systems were running in silos, making it challenging to gain visibility of their operations and financial health across eight distinct businesses and three subsidiaries. This was creating significant operational complexity. Annexa replaced their web of disconnected systems -spanning eight divisions, each with their own systems, processes and teams - with a solution able to centralise and standardise business processes, improve operational efficiency, optimise resourcing, and provide management with a single source of truth in real-time. Looking forward, they required a solution that could seamlessly integrate with external systems such as payroll, NDIS, social housing management (Chintaro), hotel property management and POS solutions.

To meet these demands, they selected NetSuite, and engaged the expertise of Annexa to assist with the design, implementation and development of their NetSuite solution.

3 subsidiaries

7 business divisions

21 operating locations

More than 100 cost centres

The results

Working closely with Annexa, YWCA is undertaking a phased approach to delivery. The initial phase involved a 12-week deployment of NetSuite Financials. During this phase, Annexa helped streamline YWCA’s accounting and compliance processes by using NetSuite Financials to unify all 8 scattered systems into a single integrated back-end system, enabling management to make timely, insight-driven business decisions. This phase also deliberately involved minimal customisations to allow staff to familiarise themselves with the system and provide feedback to build out specific functionality around their needs in future phases.

With centralised financial management and procurement complete with electronic approval, YWCA has effectively streamlined operations, enhanced their data extraction and reporting capabilities, freed up staff to focus on more value-adding activities, and all while experiencing high levels of user adoption.

The time spent on month end reporting has also been drastically reduced. Prior to NetSuite, it would take weeks to consolidate group reports, now reporting is real-time so they always know exactly how each business unit in fairing. Reporting is far more flexible too. Through the use of ‘segments’, data is captured in more granular detail providing YWCA diverse ways of slicing and dicing data for reporting purposes.

NetSuite now enables YWCA to easily maintain accounting records by business units to cost centres and by subsidiary.

It gave me comfort, as the CFO, to have a complete visibility and very strong internal controls. With 500 staff working out of many different locations, it no longer made sense to have supplier payments being processed in separate locations. NetSuite allows payments to be processed in one system, providing a centralised AP service to the entire organisation. NetSuite has really strengthened YWCA Australia's shared services function
Faisal Mukhtar, CFO, YWCA Australia

At a glance

Discover how moving from a cumbersome, growth-inhibiting on-premise solution to a modern cloud ERP solution has enabled accelerated growth and expansion for this Australian textile homewares powerhouse.

The client

Linen House specialises in designing, sourcing and bringing to market a diverse range of textile homeware products including their signature bed linen, homewares, living, bathroom and dining collections. Founded in Melbourne in 1993, today Linen House offer exclusive ranges for local and international retailers as well as manufacturing international brands under license. With partner companies in New Zealand, South Africa, Hong Kong, the UK and distributors in North America, Europe, and Asia, Linen House designed products elevate homes throughout Australia and across the globe.

As an IT director, vendor management is a pain point in my role. But Annexa is right up there with the best vendors I work with. They have a really capable bunch of technical people so when they promise to deliver something, they do. They’re always working to get a great outcome for us.
Tez Osman, Director (Information Technology), Linen House

The challenge

After years of customising their Sage ACCPAC solution to fit their business processes, workflows and expansion, the system had become clunky and time-intensive to maintain. To keep the system current, every few years the IT team undertook resource-intensive system upgrades to patch systems functions no longer supported by their ERP provider, without receiving any additional business benefits. All while Linen House was in the midst of business expansion. Traditionally focussed on wholesaling, Linen House was expanding into bricks and mortar retail and online B2B, all while operating within a rigidly configured, on-premise ERP solution that was no longer viable for this fast-growing Australian business.

From 2 retail stores to 16, in 2 years

From 2 web stores to 8 in 2 ½ weeks

3 subsidiaries

Replaced Sage ACCPAC

The results

Delivered by Annexa, NetSuite OneWorld was selected to replace Sage ACCPAC and its unwieldy patchwork of customisations. The solution enables Linen House to efficiently operate its diverse, complex and expanding business. The universal visibility of all three subsidiaries – two in Australia and one international - eight webstores and warehouse, is made possible by NetSuite with one single source of truth across supply chain, warehousing, eCommerce and in-store POS.

The up-to-date real-time data and reporting has brought unprecedented insight into the business supporting Linen House’s expansion from two retail stores to 16 in two short years, with plans for more bricks and mortar retail stores in the future.

Integrations added further business value. A seamless Vend POS integration has enabled easy reporting with fast daily, weekly and monthly sales reconciliations now at their fingertips.  An integration with HighJump (previously Accellos) allows Linen House to effectively manage their increasingly complex supply chain, while simultaneously reducing operational expenses.

As a now-global business, Linen House has intelligence into business performance in every region and data to inform forecasting, sales and business expansion. The multi-currency, multi-country options mean Linen House can continue expanding and manage its success wherever it goes.

You can't do these sorts of projects if you don't have the technical capability. Annexa has that. But they also really care. It's not uncommon for them to reach out every couple of months and say, "I've seen this new function. I think it will be good for you.”. You get a real sense that everyone's working toward the same outcome - to get the most out of your implementation, and to make sure that you're using all the tools available to make life easier and more efficient, and Annexa do a really good job at that.
Tez Osman, Director (Information Technology), Linen House 

At a glance

Not for profit LiveBetter is a valuable long term Annexa customer. Having completed the original implementation with Grant Thornton (acquired by Annexa in 2017), they transitioned to the Annexa team for continued system enhancement and support as they shape and grow their solution with smart business-critical integrations.

The client

LiveBetter is a not for profit community service organisation focused on the unique needs of the people throughout regional Australia. As a registered NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) and aged care provider, they offer aged, carer, child & family, clinical, disability and mental health services across 150 regional New South Wales and Queensland locations.

I've used a lot of accounting systems in my life, and NetSuite is by far the best. It’s a system that works just as well for finance personnel as non-finance people. Anyone can run their own reports and analyse the data. And we've never had issues with data integrity and backups, even with the huge amounts of data we process.
Frank Moes, Finance Manager, LiveBetter

The challenge

With growth came difficulties too diverse for LiveBetter’s existing Microsoft Dynamics solution. For financial managers, reporting had become time-consuming and arduous, while users were forced to find complicated workarounds for daily tasks as seemingly simple as correcting data entry errors.

LiveBetter’s growth also demanded a more scalable, accessible, people-friendly system. Leveraging a significant software donation from Oracle NetSuite Social Impact and Annexa’s attractive Not for Profit pricing, LiveBetter moved to NetSuite, and over time, has been busy working alongside Annexa to build out the solution through integrations shaped to the organisation’s specific needs.

Multiple integrations inc. Adaptive Planning

150 locations

Four entities

Loved by the staff

The results

With NetSuite financials, LiveBetter has been able to experience a cloud solution that streamlines processes and saves countless hours across the organisation. Users praise the intuitive, visually engaging interface which is faster and easier than ever before to navigate and allows the quick completion of tasks. New staff - even those in remote locations – are quickly bought up to speed on all things NetSuite from day one.

NetSuite is known for being flexible enough to meet evolving business requirements, and as LiveBetter grows, NetSuite has scaled alongside them. New users are added and assigned pre-defined roles, while ledger capacity increases as organisational needs evolve. In addition, adding new entities has been quick and painless, and enabled a never-thought-possible business agility. A custom integration between NetSuite and CETA, LiveBetter’s existing compliance and reporting system, further unites their cloud solution. It enables control of core business processes with one, fully integrated system while allowing flexibility in a fluctuating business environment, controlling risks and managing compliance.

Another popular integration is Stampli. This invoice management software streamlines approvals and improves visibility and control over Accounts Payable processes. Used daily, Stampli and NetSuite have greatly accelerated the Accounts Payable process.

More recently, Adaptive Planning was added to the mix. This has provided the advanced functionality needed for the financial team to drill into the details of their financial models with self-service reporting, build accurate planning models faster, reduce errors, and drive better decision-making.

Because we're not for profit, the pricing structure works well. The software and Annexa’s support discount makes NetSuite an affordable investment for LiveBetter.
Frank Moes, Finance Manager, LiveBetter

At a glance

When Botany Group were evaluating their ERP options, they knew it was critical to select a solution that could be shaped around their business processes and operations. With NetSuite’s flexible supply chain capabilities and Annexa’s reputation for delivering highly customised solutions, Botany Group found their answer and a future path towards operational excellence and business growth.

The client

Botany Group is an Australian owned national import and distribution business dedicated to bringing a first-class range of brands to the Australian retail market. A national field force paired with a direct-to-store delivery model, allows them to better connect with, and service, Australia’s major and independent retailers, fruit markets, delis and department stores, as they nurture the brands they represent as if they were their own.

We have a lot of overseas suppliers, so being able to convert to foreign currencies and back to Australian dollars is invaluable. NetSuite also enables us to report better, and drill down into the information for deeper insight. And it’s very user-friendly and intuitive. Everyone that we've added to the system has had no problems finding their way around.
Jennifer Marshall, Chief Financial Officer CPA, Botany Group

The challenge

In the absence of a modern software solution necessary for managing inventory, Botany Group were forced to rely on antiquated systems for maintaining good inventory levels. This made it increasingly difficult to manage their supply chain across multiple continents and currencies. They were struggling to access inventory metrics with real-time accuracy and when they could, extensive manual spreadsheet entry and data consolidation was required to shape accurate reports. With limited visibility stocking the right inventory levels, understanding specific ‘reorder points’ and maintaining the right inventory at the right place and time, was a labour-intensive process.

For the food distribution industry, inventory control and managing minimum life control is critically important. To identify the right inventory control metrics, workflows and processes Botany Group’s internal implementation team and Annexa’s solutions architects, worked in tandem as they explored solutions to ensure their NetSuite platform would enhance visibility and enable efficiencies across the supply chain.

Complete supply chain control

Advanced automation

Integrated 3PL model

Total inventory visibility

The results

Today, NetSuite gives Botany Group control over their entire supply chain, offering a single real-time view of finances, resources, inventory and performance whenever required, without demanding time-consuming consolidation of records, dashboards or manual account reconciliation. Advanced automation has removed the potential for human error to get an accurate picture of their inventory status at any given moment. With total visibility across the supply chain they can maintain optimal inventory levels and identify and act on cost variances as they occur, effectively reducing supply chain costs.

NetSuite’s native planning tools have empowered Botany Group to make informed data-driven decisions. For example, they were able to isolate and take action on, poorly performing branches that were holding them back from taking their business to the next level of profitable growth.

Moreover, as part of their cloud transformation, Botany Group were able to move away from managing their own warehousing and inventory, towards a 3PL model which seamlessly integrates with NetSuite, and drastically reduces operational costs.

Botany Group now joins the list of fast-growing Annexa customers who have successfully optimised their operations and grown using the enhanced capabilities of NetSuite and Annexa.

Annexa’s approach and implementation plan appealed to us. Throughout the project their people were very knowledgeable, and their service was absolutely first-class.
Jennifer Marshall, Chief Financial Officer CPA, Botany Group

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