At a glance

T2 partners with Annexa to transform their legacy enterprise architecture into a rapid enabler of unified commerce global expansion.

The client

Back in 1995, T2 opened their first boutique tea store in Fitzroy, Melbourne. With an enduring passion to reinvent and reimagine the humble tea leaf, a few decades later has seen them transform into a global lifestyle brand with nearly 100 stores around the world, as well as thriving wholesale, ecommerce and marketplace channels. More recently they have expanded into travel retail, supplying their fruit-flavoured tea and infusions to many of the world’s best hotels, restaurants and retailers. In fact, they now sell enough tea every month to make over 10 million cups!

The flexibility and availability that Annexa provides is refreshing. Potential solutions are discussed in an open, constructive manner and if it’s the right option, there’s never any resistance to change.
Rohan Penman, Global Head of Technology, T2

The challenge

In 2015 T2 selected Annexa as their NetSuite partner engaging the team to support T2’s global ambitions by replacing their legacy systems with a flexible, agile and rapidly scalable enterprise platform. Annexa drew on their vast experience in Retail to deliver an end-to-end solution for all channels, in all markets. The solution streamlined T2’s operations by integrating ERP, accounting, CRM, POS and warehousing using NetSuite.

Since this successful implementation, T2 has expanded their multiple sales channels as they continue to work closely with the Annexa team to enhance their NetSuite architecture. With end of life approaching for their POS solution and a strategic goal to deliver a true modern omnichannel experience, T2 was ready to further shape and integrate their NetSuite solution to meet these objectives.

“To keep pace with new technologies and changing consumer demands, you must bring everything together with a unified commerce strategy.”
- Rohan Penman, Global Head of Technology, T2

Collaborative implementation of Infinity POS

Faster picking and packing through a new adaptable WMS solution

Real time address validation

Visibility with custom support dashboards

The results

With the second major phase of T2’s NetSuite implementation underway, the Annexa team are currently replacing the existing POS (Vision Bean Store) and warehousing system, with a goal of providing a more powerful, integrated business management suite that meets the higher expectations of today’s consumers shopping experiences.

T2 carefully weighed their options for a more seamless and modern POS solution. To better accommodate a true omnichannel experience, they turned to Triquestra. This proven unified commerce platform integrated effortlessly with NetSuite.

A collaborative effort to replace the legacy POS solution is currently underway with Annexa, MuleSoft (Salesforce) and Triquestra (responsible for implementing Infinity POS) all working together to have Infinity live in all stores across Australia and the globe in 2020. Click and collect was also launched in a staged approach from February. With rollout underway, onboarding store managers has proven to be quick and painless –it often takes less than 30 minutes for team members to understand and take ownership of the POS system.

In order to deliver a true omnichannel experience, one that offers a seamless end-to-end purchasing experience for their customers and clients, T2 needed to improve key areas such as visibility of inventory stock, shipping and click and collects within each channel. They replaced their existing warehouse management system (WMS) with supply chain management solution HighJump Advantage. Since implementation, this robust system has enabled faster processing times, advanced picking and packing strategies and unique workflows that has driven differentiation for T2 while reducing costs.

To further enhance their customers experience, Annexa recommended NetSuite’s case management capabilities to help automate and organise T2’s customer inquiries and feedback. Previously support cases were directed to an inbox or made via phone and managed manually through emails, making it difficult to follow up and track cases. As part of the NetSuite CRM, the integrated ticketing system is designed to manage customer communications and support issues within the NetSuite platform. Annexa were able to integrate this support platform on to the website to help direct enquiries into the Customer Server Team. A custom dashboard in NetSuite then categorises and prioritises active cases, providing a visual representation of the customer care teams performance and workload.

Finally, to address incorrect inputs of addresses on the customer record, Annexa implemented a third party real time address validation solution via Loqate. This seemingly small feature has significantly contributed to higher quality customer address data, a reduction in lost shipments and improved customer service.

Infinity POS is a platform you can happily build on, and it's a very big enabler for us from a retail and digital point of view. It allows a unified strategy integrating the digital world and the physical store.
Rohan Penman, Global Head of Technology, T2