At a glance

T2 came to Annexa seeking a partner to transform their enterprise architecture into an enabler of rapid omni-channel global expansion.

The client

T2 opened their first boutique store in Fitzroy, Melbourne back in 1996. T2’s passion is to reinvent and reimagine the humble tea leaf. Twenty years on T2 has grown to over 80 stores in 4 countries, with thriving wholesale and ecommerce channels. T2 now sells enough tea every month to make over 9 million cups!

We needed a partner that could guide us every step of the way through the implementation process and come and work in and around the business. That was Annexa's selling point.
Patrick Showyin, Supply Chain Director, T2

The challenge

With global ambitions, T2 needed to transform their enterprise architecture to a flexible, agile and rapidly scalable platform. An end to end single view of inventory and financials for all channels in all markets was required to efficiently enable the business ambitions.

T2 were constrained by their core architecture which was unsuitable for a boutique Australian retailer. It was time to transform their systems and business to become globally scalable and omni-channel ready.

6 month ERP transformation

Enabled rapid omni-channel global expansion

NetSuite OneWorld platform

From legacy to agility

The results

The Annexa team transformed T2’s core architecture to NetSuite OneWorld, a cloud ERP system that would meet their specific needs. Providing T2 with an integrated business management suite, the NetSuite OneWorld platform has now become an enabler to T2’s ambitions, delivering a flexible, agile and scalable single global view across all channels.

We did not have the resources to setup a large non-operational project team, indeed we relied on the same key people to drive the rapidly growing business whilst also leading the transformation of our entire enterprise architecture. Annexa was able to work with T2 in this way, and also be ambitious enough to take the challenge of delivering an integrated ERP transformation in 6 months.
Supply Chain Director, T2, Patrick Showyin