At a glance

Looking for the agility, efficiency, and functionality necessary for seamless selling on a global scale, MotoBatt was ready to connect their existing NetSuite cloud ERP system with a smart, new B2B ecommerce platform. SuiteCommerce Advanced was an easy choice.

The client

MotoBatt, a global manufacturer and distributor, connects global dealers to high powered Powersports batteries, chargers and accessories. Having cultivated a 20-year strong relationship spanning two NetSuite implementations and ongoing projects, MotoBatt USA's CEO Matt Finch once again reached out to Annexa for their ERP expertise.

Our experience with Annexa and our SCA implementation was great. At first I was a little worried about a potential run away in price, but when we went over our approved budget, the Annexa team came up with the best possible outcome and we came in on target.
Matt Finch, Managing Director, MotoBatt

The challenge

To fuel business growth and efficiency, MotoBatt required ecommerce functionality that could connect with NetSuite. While MotoBatt dealers could view the product range online, they were unable to purchase items then and there. Developing this new global selling model would create a unified data-driven system with the ability to deliver critical reporting metrics across both ecommerce and NetSuite - essential for extracting better business insights. With the challenges clarified, it became clear that a SuiteCommerce Advanced integration would be more than a technology addition, it would play a leading role in streamlining MotoBatt's business operations.

Developed tool to help dealers identify the right battery

Automated shipping integration

Order processing and fulfilment fully outsourced

Delivered a new global selling model

The results

Working with the MotoBatt team, Annexa developed a customised SuiteCommerce Advanced solution that seamlessly connects to NetSuite. Together, SuiteCommerce Advanced and NetSuite allow MotoBatt to completely outsource their order processing and fulfilment. Orders from SuiteCommerce Advanced are automatically approved once payment is accepted, all details are calculated before being sent to the warehouse for fast picking and packing. A shipping integration allows for automatic printing of shipping labels, tracking IDs and courier delivery. From placing an order to customer delivery, the process is streamlined with minimal user interference or room for error.

With NetSuite, you need a partner who understands NetSuite through and through. Our team don't have time for managing IT, we run off sales. So the more channels we have selling, the better our business performs. By providing us with a world-class user interface, NetSuite allows us to look like a much larger company than we are.
Matt Finch, Managing Director, MotoBatt