At a glance

Limited by an outdated and inflexible accounting system, The MILC Group's transition to NetSuite marked a pivotal turning point in their ongoing growth journey.

The client

MILC Group is a boutique parent company overseeing two subsidiary brands: Alliance Promotions and MILC Network. MILC Network specialises in custom packaging solutions for health, wellness, and beauty industries, while Alliance Promotions focuses on promotional merchandise and uniforms. Serving corporate clients including Chemist Warehouse, Priceline, Mecca and Sephora, MILC Group has built a strong reputation for its first-class service and culture of innovation and flexibility.

NetSuite has enabled us to pursue opportunities that were beyond the capabilities of our previous system. It has expanded our approach to various business scenarios, thanks to the customisations it allows. You really need that agility in the current business landscape.
Deanna Donnini, Head of Digital & Major Accounts, MILC Group

The challenge

Growing businesses often find themselves placing new and unplanned demands on their accounting solutions. This was the case for MILC Group, when fast-paced growth left their existing MYOB EXO platform struggling to keep pace with increased operational complexity. The server-based solution not only had reliability issues that caused unexpected downtime, staff could only access it by installing it on specific devices, keeping them tethered to their desks when needing access to data. It also lacked the necessary customisation options to align with MILC Group's unique business processes, particularly when it came to warehouse management and order fulfilment. Limited integration capabilities added to the woes, preventing them from offering the level of customer experience that they aspired to provide.

Collectively, these challenges pushed MILC Group to seek a more flexible and scalable solution that would address their immediate needs and pave the way for future growth and innovation.

They found their ideal solution in NetSuite, a highly configurable and customisable cloud ERP, and engaged the experienced Annexa team to support them through the design and implementation process.

"We were experiencing significant expansion and knew that our existing system was no longer able to accommodate our growth. NetSuite has proven to be a valuable support system for our continually growing business.”
- Deanna Donnini, Head of Digital & Major Accounts, MILC group

Consolidated 4 business entities

3PL warehousing and distribution

Multiple Shopify integrations

Enhanced customer experience

The results

MILC Group and Annexa worked together closely, assessing MILC Group's complex business processes and scoping a tailored NetSuite solution to effectively manage their requirements. This included consolidating four business entities into one single NetSuite instance. 

MILC Group operates a unique B2B and B2C operating model, offering customised products and services to both corporate clients and the general public. AnnexaConnect facilitated a direct integration with MILC Group's Shopify eCommerce sites, several customer-owned eCommerce platforms and MILC Group’s stock management systems. By connecting orders, inventory and fulfilment via a 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) solution, MILC Group streamlined the entire logistics and supply chain process. Today, they have the capabilities needed to deliver high-quality customised packaging products while seamlessly managing the entire logistics process - from purchasing stock to fulfilment through to delivery to end customers.

As a cloud ERP, NetSuite has truly revolutionised accessibility and flexibility for MILC Group's employees. With the ability to access crucial information from virtually anywhere and on any device, employees are no longer tied to their desks. Whether it's during meetings, while on the move, or in any remote location, they can seamlessly access the information they need and make decisions on the spot. This newfound freedom also extends to MILC Group's warehouse operations, where teams can effortlessly monitor stock levels and allocations from any location.

Enhanced reporting capabilities further support their ability to make fast, informed decisions, allowing them to better prepare in terms of stockholding and forecasting, contributing to more efficient and strategic business operations.

MILC Group’s enhanced level of control and visibility over stock movements and inventory management also requires minimal intervention from their team. So, it not only benefits MILC Group in terms of operational efficiency but also ensures that its clients can seamlessly navigate the ordering process, ultimately fostering a more satisfying interaction and, ultimately, customer loyalty.

In MILC Group’s sector, reliance on Excel spreadsheets has long been the industry standard. By prioritising user-friendly platforms and smart technology solutions like 3PL, MILC Group has distinguished itself not only as an organisation at the forefront of innovation but one that prioritises the experience of its customers above all else.

We've really only scratched the surface of what NetSuite can offer. We plan to explore the full extent of NetSuite's capabilities beyond its out-of-the-box features. NetSuite's versatility spans across multiple aspects of our business, whether it's in marketing, sales, or warehousing, and we're committed to utilising every tool and feature that NetSuite provides.
 Deanna Donnini, Head of Digital & Major Accounts, MILC Group