At a glance

Not for profit LiveBetter is a valuable long term Annexa customer. Having completed the original implementation with Grant Thornton (acquired by Annexa in 2017), they transitioned to the Annexa team for continued system enhancement and support as they shape and grow their solution with smart business-critical integrations.

The client

LiveBetter is a not for profit community service organisation focused on the unique needs of the people throughout regional Australia. As a registered NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) and aged care provider, they offer aged, carer, child & family, clinical, disability and mental health services across 150 regional New South Wales and Queensland locations.

I've used a lot of accounting systems in my life, and NetSuite is by far the best. It’s a system that works just as well for finance personnel as non-finance people. Anyone can run their own reports and analyse the data. And we've never had issues with data integrity and backups, even with the huge amounts of data we process.
Frank Moes, Finance Manager, LiveBetter

The challenge

With growth came difficulties too diverse for LiveBetter’s existing Microsoft Dynamics solution. For financial managers, reporting had become time-consuming and arduous, while users were forced to find complicated workarounds for daily tasks as seemingly simple as correcting data entry errors.

LiveBetter’s growth also demanded a more scalable, accessible, people-friendly system. Leveraging a significant software donation from Oracle NetSuite Social Impact and Annexa’s attractive Not for Profit pricing, LiveBetter moved to NetSuite, and over time, has been busy working alongside Annexa to build out the solution through integrations shaped to the organisation’s specific needs.

Multiple integrations inc. Adaptive Planning

150 locations

Four entities

Loved by the staff

The results

With NetSuite financials, LiveBetter has been able to experience a cloud solution that streamlines processes and saves countless hours across the organisation. Users praise the intuitive, visually engaging interface which is faster and easier than ever before to navigate and allows the quick completion of tasks. New staff - even those in remote locations – are quickly bought up to speed on all things NetSuite from day one.

NetSuite is known for being flexible enough to meet evolving business requirements, and as LiveBetter grows, NetSuite has scaled alongside them. New users are added and assigned pre-defined roles, while ledger capacity increases as organisational needs evolve. In addition, adding new entities has been quick and painless, and enabled a never-thought-possible business agility. A custom integration between NetSuite and CETA, LiveBetter’s existing compliance and reporting system, further unites their cloud solution. It enables control of core business processes with one, fully integrated system while allowing flexibility in a fluctuating business environment, controlling risks and managing compliance.

Another popular integration is Stampli. This invoice management software streamlines approvals and improves visibility and control over Accounts Payable processes. Used daily, Stampli and NetSuite have greatly accelerated the Accounts Payable process.

More recently, Adaptive Planning was added to the mix. This has provided the advanced functionality needed for the financial team to drill into the details of their financial models with self-service reporting, build accurate planning models faster, reduce errors, and drive better decision-making.

Because we're not for profit, the pricing structure works well. The software and Annexa’s support discount makes NetSuite an affordable investment for LiveBetter.
Frank Moes, Finance Manager, LiveBetter