At a glance

Following the implementation of NetSuite with a different solution provider, Life-Space Group engaged Annexa to provide the high level of strategic and tactical support needed to shape and grow their NetSuite instance around their unique business needs.

The client

Guided by their mission to “make the latest scientific advances in microbiome health available to all, and to lead the way in paediatric supplementation”, Life-Space Group’s high quality, science-based formulations have propelled them to become the number one probiotics company in Australia. Founded in 2012, Life-Space Group companies include Evolution Health and Pentavite, responsible for domestic and international sales, and Ultra Mix, an Australia-based manufacturing arm.

Annexa have the dedicated resources and expertise across the NetSuite platform. That makes them a valuable tool to support our business in the daily use of NetSuite, and also for continuous improvement across the system.
Eric Chen, Chief Executive Officer, Life-Space Group

The challenge

When deploying NetSuite, it’s critical to engage a NetSuite partner with the experience and technical capabilities to fit your initiative and address your business needs and goals. With NetSuite implemented, Life-Space Group were finding themselves limited by their existing solution and sought to engage a new partner to better shape the platform around organisational needs. They enlisted the team of experts at Annexa to provide all ongoing NetSuite support and services.

Life-Space were not just using the financial aspect of NetSuite, it was central to all day-to-day operations from supply chain, manufacturing and operations through to reporting and data analysis.

“The team at Annexa are really professional and responsive. The support they provide has definitely helped us better harness the potential of the NetSuite system.”

- Eric Chen, Chief Executive Officer, Life-Space Group

Expanded to international markets

WMS integration with RF-SMART

Unified operations

Supported by the Annexa team

The results

Working in partnership with Annexa to enhance their NetSuite instance has ensured Life-Space Group now have the tools and automated processes needed to increase efficiencies while enabling better inventory visibility, fewer errors and faster delivery times.

By utilising real-time data, NetSuite is enabling the finance team to add value, provide insightful analysis, propose changes that improve profitability and control costs, and of course, ensure that reporting is delivered efficiently, accurately and on-time. In addition, the operations team now they have access to real-time data to better manage logistics, planning and deliver a better customer experience.

Shares Paul Siu, B&T manager, Life-Space Group, “NetSuite is incredible, it helps us manage not only production and manufacturing, but also finance. We use it to procure material, schedule our tasks from work orders right through to fulfillment of orders and putting our goods in the hands of our customers.

“We now have access to a lot of meaningful and insightful information to power both immediate decision making and future business strategies.”

- Eric Chen, Chief Executive Officer, Life-Space Group

Once growth was a struggle for Life-Space Group, particularly when it came to managing inventory. Supported by NetSuite the company has been growing at a rapid rate and now operate in international markets, including China.

“Growth wise, NetSuite helped us get to different stages of the business. We've been able to automate, we've been able to have our systems flow naturally with support of NetSuite. If it was in a manual state, trying to manage all the different aspects of the business, we certainly would not have grown at the rate that we have.”

Asher Norman, Head of Manufacturing, Life-Space Group

Life-Space Group are finding having a unified business system is also creation a unified team. Staff and management now all work from the same interface, ensuring company-wide visibility. On a day-to-day basis, everybody knows, at any given time, what the rest of the team are doing and what needs to be done.

Life-Space Group’s NetSuite solution includes an integration with a built-for-NetSuite WMS solution RF-SMART, enabling full traceability from the receiving process all the way through delivery.

“With Annexa, we are working with a very trusted partner. Our board of directors are connecting every quarter, with project managers working more closely with their team as we roll out further initiatives.”

Paul Siu, B&T manager, Life-Space Group

Annexa is also currently developing product traceability capabilities for Life-Space Group via an integration between NetSuite and CNN – an anti-counterfeit, anti-SUR (sales in unauthorised region) solution. Using QR codes and CNN’s anti-fraud technology, Life-Space Group will soon have a unified solution that both prevents counterfeit products while giving end consumers full transparency of the product journey.
A third integration is currently under consideration by Life-Space Group who are exploring integrating ecommerce natively with their NetSuite solution. This will provide a central repository for order management and customer, item and inventory data. Once implemented they will gain unprecedented, real-time visibility across their entire business while providing a more unified online experience for customers.

If you are an enterprise looking to expand, not just domestically but overseas, NetSuite is a good tool and also a great system to facilitate insightful reporting.
Eric Chen, Chief Executive Officer, Life-Space Group