At a glance

Following considerable growth, Australian not for profit Good360, needed to transition away from the US based NetSuite OneWorld subsidiary to their own customised single entity instance of NetSuite.

The client

Not for profit Good360 helps vulnerable Australians by matching brand new goods pledged by businesses with the people who need them most. Already in operation for 30 years in the US, Good360 launched in Australia in 2015 and has already driven significant impact in their efforts to connect surplus with need – they have matched over $180 million worth of goods.

We were matching 13 items every minute to Australians in need but now, due to COVID and the new restrictions, we're matching 39 items every minute. There's a real need for Good360 in Australia and that's what we're on a mission to do - match spare with need
Alison Covington, Founder and Managing Director, Good360

The challenge

Good360 relies on technology to realise its goal of distributing $1 billion of goods by 2025 to Australians that need them most. To reach this goal, they have been expanding operations to better meet the needs of vulnerable Australians. As demand for their services rose, they knew they could no longer rely on the US instance of NetSuite that had supported their first five years of operation in Australian. They decided to build a new back-office infrastructure that could support their complex warehousing and logistics operations, provide more visibility into their constituents and support business growth more effectively.

“We are a charity, but we also run things like a large commercial operation with warehousing, non-repeating inventory and a high volume of orders. NetSuite was able to be customised to these unique requirements.”

Alison Covington, Founder and Managing Director, Good360

Advanced reporting

360 degree view of customer

Improved inventory visibility

Suite Pro Bono program

The results

Good360 deployed NetSuite Financials with the help of NetSuite partner Annexa to streamline its impact-critical business processes. This gave Good360 constant access to real-time data and the ability to easily generate value-driven reports across program impact and operations. This has enabled them to track and optimise the performance and impact of their programs, clearly communicate their value to constituents and make data-led decisions for future programs.

These reporting capabilities have also assisted with their confidence in meeting compliance requirements. Operating within one of the most heavily audited industries requires their small financial team to account for every single dollar coming in and out of the organisation. With NetSuite Good360 are confident in the integrity of their financial data and their ability to meet the requirements of stricter financial and project reporting.

“Having access to real-time financial reports is a game changer When the media asks, "what are you doing to help those areas?" we can find the answer straight away and when our donors ask about the impact of their donations, we can show them exactly how they have helped.”

Alison Covington, Founder and Managing Director, Good360

Good360 is a not for profit, but it also has complex inventory and warehousing requirements like a large commercial operation. Not only do they work with over 3000 charities and schools across the country and countless business partners, they also manage three and a half thousand square meters of warehousing. Because businesses are donating excess surplus, Good360 never see the same inventory twice. So while most businesses have SKUs that a reused in their supply chain, SKUs are never repeated for Good360. NetSuite was customised to ensure Good360’s unique and complicated inventory system requirements were met.

The ability to automate financial processes in NetSuite has greatly improved productivity and the speed of operations, empowering the team to do more in less time. Since deploying NetSuite they have hired internal NetSuite experts to continue to optimise and automate critical business workflows within NetSuite.

During the deployment, Annexa integrated Customer Relationship Management capabilities to give the organisation a 360 degree of their donors, volunteers, supporters and clients - all in the one place.
The cloud-based NetSuite platform helps facilitate Good360’s growth. By providing the flexibility to scale according to operational needs and empowering Good360 to gain deep insights, the organisations can now focus on future innovations and operational excellence to increase their impact.

NetSuite has given our team confidence. A big piece of software like NetSuite can sometimes be overwhelming for a small team. But those who attended NetSuite’s Buildathon became the champions of NetSuite in our organisation, empowering others with the capabilities and confidence to get in there and make use of the system.
Alison Covington, Founder and Managing Director, Good360