At a glance

Although their previous system had supported operations for some time, the increasingly fragmented systems and manual, duplicative processes were holding the Elizabeth Machines team back from meeting the demands of modern business. It was time to move to a cloud business management system that would provide a connected, holistic view of the business and position them for the next stage of growth.

The client

Elizabeth Machines Co. has been supplying industrial sewing machines to Australia since 1960. With branches and independent agents spanning the country, their unparalleled expertise in industrial sewing machines, plastic welding machines, quilting machines and lightning fabric cutting machines have cemented them as well respected and trusted suppliers for the textile manufacturing industry in Australia.

Annexa has been our partners in the experience showing us how to develop NetSuite in a way that really can work for us. As we grow and scale, Annexa understands our aspirations and goals, and how we can achieve them with NetSuite.
Joel Skurrie, General Manager Business Development, Elizabeth Machines

The challenge

Held back by manual processes, poor data visibility and a dislocated customer experience, Elizabeth Machines required an end-to-end solution that would efficiently handle financials, sales, inventory and back-end eCommerce across their Australian operations.

Elizabeth Machines chose Annexa to be its NetSuite solution partner and support the company’s growth and efficiency plans. The reason? In addition to our solid expertise in NetSuite-led transformation and deep experience of the wholesale distribution industry, we offered end user training and support to ensure Elizabeth Machines would be 100% supported throughout their journey.
“NetSuite is instrumental in helping us both maintain existing customer relations and produce new ones. Whether customers contact us about a machine sale, service or spare parts, we can see the customer interactions as well as the transactions, along with the manufacturing stage of our machines. NetSuite is also used for invoicing and customer relationship management in terms of our review and any dissatisfaction in our processes.”

Joel Skurrie, General Manager Business Development, Elizabeth Machines

Multiple integrations inc. Adaptive Planning

150 locations

Four entities

Loved by the staff

The results

With Annexa’s help, Elizabeth Machines is enhancing their customer experience and creating a foundation for competitive differentiation and future growth. Importantly, their NetSuite solution is helping them take back control of their customer relationships by delivering a comprehensive customer experience from start to finish - across all branches.

For Elizabeth Machines, customer interactions are incredibly important. In the past, limited capabilities to track customer communications created confusion around where a customer was in the sales or servicing cycle. To increase visibility, Annexa deployed a modern, streamlined, cloud business solution that integrates seamlessly with Elizabeth Machines existing CRM.

Today, they offer an end-user-friendly customer experience that enables staff to always know exactly where a customer is in the sales process. In a few clicks, they can pull up past interactions and quickly find answers to customer queries. In turn, this has freed up the sales and customer service team to refocus on high-value customer relationships or cross-sell/upsell opportunities. What’s more, the new visibility into the customer journey, Elizabeth Machines has the insight needed to become more customer-centric.

NetSuite Advanced Inventory has also offered additional functionality to meet Elizabeth Machines’ more complex inventory needs. A single, real-time view of items, inventory and orders across all selling channels has boosted customer satisfaction through rapid and accurate fulfillment of orders quickly.

NetSuite’s intuitive interface has ensured staff from all divisions have been empowered to improve their daily workflows. From sales reps interacting without back of house staff to create buildups and dispatch goods through to inventory managers liaising with branches, there's less need for phone calls and email as most interactions now take place through the transactions and automatic workflows within NetSuite.

Most of all, with NetSuite, Elizabeth Machines now has a single source of truth, with seamless inventory visibility and process integration to drive growth.

We now have full visibility of our inventory lifecycle . At any given time, we can view our stock levels, and know how stock is committed across our branches and how inventory has been purchased. And that's proven very, very impactful on our overall sales.
Joel Skurrie, General Manager Business Development, Elizabeth Machines