At a glance

Cargo Crew engaged Annexa to implement an integrated, synchronised cloud accounting, financials and marketing platform to help their business grow.

The client

Cargo Crew takes a fresh approach to uniform design with a diverse range of original designer aprons, contemporary shirts, premium t-shirts, knits, vests and pants to complete any modern uniform look. Based in Melbourne, Australia they service a fast-growing global market with Goop by Gwyneth Paltrow among many high profile clients.

We really wanted to double down on our growth, so we needed to build a strong foundation, and NetSuite has provided a solid foundation to help the business scale quickly and easily.
Paul Rodgers, Operations Director, Cargo Crew

The challenge

As Cargo Crew’s business begin to rapidly expand, they needed a right-fit cloud-based system to effectively support and enhance their business model. Multiple, siloed systems were hindering their ability to enable a single source of truth and access accurate business-critical data across financials, inventory, customers and commerce.

Having attended AnnexaWorld, Cargo Crew felt confident they had found a partner who not only shared their values, but also had the on-the-ground NetSuite expertise needed to guide them through a successful ERP and CRM implementation project.

Go live with NetSuite and Magento

1 head office, 1 external location

Accurate financials with auto invoicing

Visibility with custom dashboards

The results

Through the help of Annexa, NetSuite provided a customisable, scalable ERP solution - integrated with Magento - that enables Cargo Crew to efficiently run their business, complete with infinite expansion capabilities to support growth.

Visibility through reporting and dashboards coupled with NetSuite’s accurate and timely data capabilities has created a culture where people are able to take ownership, be accountable and leverage data to make faster, more effective decisions.

An RF Smart integration was built to deliver a clear and accurate picture of inventory. By validating and entering data into NetSuite in real-time, Cargo Crew enjoys automated manual processes to increase warehouse productivity.

An Infinet Cloud integration has also reduced many manual processes for payroll, timesheets and leave management. Managers now have a greater ability to see their teams leave requests and make decisions on leave approvals all within NetSuite.

Changes to the invoicing process has also been a game changer. Time-intensive manual invoicing has been replaced with auto invoicing, to provide accounts receivable with accurate data and visibility over the company’s financial processes.

Innovation has become more embedded at Cargo Crew too. Where once account managers would have to manually create new products, at the click of a button a custom work order processing solution allows products to be built based on existing products, allowing the quick fulfilment of work orders.

When it comes to having a NetSuite partner, you need to have faith in the people you partner with to deliver on what they promise. At Annexa, the people we work with are interested in our business and get excited when they know they've improved processes on the businesses side.”
Paul Rodgers, Operations Director, Cargo Crew