Demand planning

Pinpoint exactly when to reorder items and in what quantities, ensuring more optimised stock levels, improved forecast accuracy, and enhanced supply chain planning.

Gain efficiency now, and intelligence for the future

Many businesses continue to rely on spreadsheets or outdated reporting to forecast demand. But this is costly and inefficient, often resulting in excess inventory or additional shipping fees due to unplanned replenishment and demand. Now you can add precision to the way you balance demand and supply throughout your supply chain with NetSuite’s native demand planning module. Leveraging historical or demand sales forecasts, the module calculates and predicts inventory helping you to manage inventory more efficiently and with greater accuracy.

The core benefits of NetSuite’s demand planning capabilities

Advanced demand planning

Provides the user with the ability to predict future inventory needs based on sales, historical demand, seasonality and consumer trends, to optimise your business’s ability to meet demand in the most efficient way possible.

Powerful and user friendly

The advanced functionality and easy to use module ensures the heavy lifting of your demand planning workflows are taken care of, while you maintain full control over the entire process.

Modernise operations

Gain complete visibility into day-to-day operational activities that impact buying, streamline your inventory processes across multi-location setups and always have the right product at the right time for your customers

No more wasteful processes ​

Eliminate obsolete inventory and delays in production, minimise inventory carrying costs, increase forecast accuracy and ensure product availability. ​

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