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Oracle NetSuite is the world’s #1 cloud ERP solution. More than 40,000 global organisations depend on NetSuite to manage core business processes with a fully integrated system covering ERP/financials, CRM, ecommerce, inventory and more.

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An enviable reputation for fast-tracking businesses on their path to lean, efficient and agile operations, Oracle NetSuite is for the growing organisation. This is a unified suite of cloud-based financials / Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and omnichannel commerce software that has so far disrupted and transformed more than 40,000 businesses globally. It’s the world’s most proven, trusted and deployed cloud ERP solution.

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Find out why adopting an Oracle NetSuite cloud solution will eliminate the need for disparate legacy systems and slash IT costs – all while gaining more insight, more agility and more flexibility.

Oracle NetSuite: The world’s most trusted cloud business suite

Market leaders

As the global adoption of the cloud accelerates, NetSuite – a global business unit of Oracle – devotes substantial time and funds into improving infrastructure, support and industry-leading product innovation.

Face the future

The future is cloud-based and mobile-enabled. That’s why NetSuite by Oracle replaces clunky, antiquated legacy systems with a dynamic, user-friendly platform that caters to users across an organisation and around the globe.

Highly scalable for growth

Organisations can quickly and easily plug in financial functionality to meet business growth including international capabilities - support for currencies, languages and automated tax compliance.

A robust ERP

Streamline your mission-critical business processes with the world’s #1 cloud-based business management suite, and gain a single, web-based solution to integrate your every core business process.

Oracle NetSuite product features

Explore the capabilities to differentiate and drive growth with Oracle’s powerful NetSuite solution.

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NetSuite is an ERP system used to manage back and front office operational functions of a business. The cloud-based platform is comprised of many different modules which together create a system that helps businesses manage their accounting, finances, customer relationship management, supply chains, sales, warehousing and eCommerce. For customers across a diverse range of industries, NetSuite’s far-ranging and customisable capabilities help them optimise, streamline and grow their business. NetSuite OneWorld provides a complete cloud ERP system for global businesses and is used to help them scale by providing complete multi-subsidiary management and support for local accounting regulations. For example, NetSuite can populate a single chart of accounts across subsidiaries, or use separate charts-of-accounts for each company within a single instance. NetSuite’s functionality reaches beyond the platform with apps and extensions that allow businesses to shape their solution tightly around their process. You can check out Apps by Annexa to explore some of Annexa’s most popular NetSuite apps.

NetSuite wasn’t really invented by any one person. Rather, the company was founded by Evan Goldberg under the name NetLedger in 1998. With headquarters in Redwood Shores, California, the company originally focused on bookkeeping, then later web-hosted accounting software. Accounting plays such a key role in businesses that soon the system expanded to support many other critical business functionalities including eCommerce, warehousing, supply chains, CRM solutions, HR and payroll. Of course, this was all taking place long before cloud was even a term, at that time it was called utility computing. Yet, today NetSuite is widely recognised as the very first cloud computing software company. Interesting fact, the start-up seeding came from Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and a selection of ex-Oracle employees. This all came full circle when in in 2016, Oracle itself acquired NetSuite for $9.3 billion, keeping Goldberg on as NetSuite CTO. Today NetSuite is used by more than 20,000 customers in 203 countries across the globe.

NetSuite is easy to use and learn, and has been designed for all users across a global organisation. However, users do need to undertake some level of training to ensure they have the knowledge needed to fulfil their role-specific tasks within the platform. If their NetSuite platform includes integrations or added apps, these additions may also require some training to get the user up to speed.

NetSuite has many benefits. Here’s some of the top ones: • NetSuite is designed for modern companies. It is cloud-based and mobile-enabled so it can be accessed via any device, at any time, from anywhere with an internet connection. •. NetSuite is highly scalable allowing organisations to add functionality as they grow including international capabilities such as for 190 currencies, 20 languages and automated tax compliance in over 100 countries. •. NetSuite provides a more complete view of a business with built-in business intelligence that produces real-time insights into business performance. Because NetSuite offers a single version of the truth it supports better, faster decision making for all business units. •. NetSuite is not version locked. The software remains current with customisations carried always forward to support your business. •. Finally, the development platform comes with plenty of flexibility to tailor the system to meet a business’s unique requirements and industry-specific needs. This includes extensions, apps, automation and other emerging technologies to further support modern businesses.

NetSuite is an online cloud based software platform. It works by providing businesses with a range of standard financial and accounting capabilities along with modules to tailor the solution to each specific requirements. It is also customisable, allowing the platform to be shaped to the workflows and processes of each business. For the users, it provides an easy to use web-based platform. Users don’t need to install software on their devices, instead they log in to an online web portal to access NetSuite, which has a dashboard tailored specifically to their job role. So no matter where a user is or what device they are using, they can access their NetSuite account.

NetSuite has native functionality for payroll. NetSuite Premier Payroll Service provides end-to-end payroll management for US customers. The payroll solution minimises payroll headaches, reduces tedious paperwork and ensures peace of mind in a single, full-service solution. Unlike when you use a third-party payroll product, NetSuite Premier Payroll Service is completely integrated with NetSuite accounting, for seamless payroll management. This means there is no need to re-enter payroll data into NetSuite, saving time and reducing the risk of data entry errors. It also means there are no software programs to download, buy, install or learn to use. It’s all in NetSuite.

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