Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration

The Annexa built Salesforce and NetSuite integration delivers a completely seamless and automated lead-to-cash process to power your financial performance.

Compatible with: NetSuite, NetSuite OneWorld Pricing: Price On Application
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Connect Salesforce with NetSuite CRM and Financials and experience a streamlined, real-time integration fully managed with ongoing product updates from the experienced Annexa team. This intelligent prebuilt data integration allows finance to use NetSuite while sales can use Salesforce while allowing businesses to streamline their processes and work in real-time – without worrying about process bottlenecks, or data siloes.

Salesforce connector includes:

  • Automatically create and update Customers and Contacts
  • Automatically create and update Salesforce opportunities into NetSuite
  • Provide account and financial data visibility within Salesforce CRM, credit limit, payment details, account balance and more.


Real time information sharing

Remove communication barriers by allowing sales, financial and marketing teams to access essential and valuable client information in real time.

Share and conquer

Sync all customers, products, and deals in to NetSuite from Salesforce, or vice versa to offer a single view of the customer.

Boost revenue

Streamline your lead-to-cash process and accelerate cash flow with seamless flow through from Salesforce to NetSuite.

One single source of truth

Get a clear and accurate view of customer data across sales, order management, finance, and more.

Accurate sales quotes

Ensure timely and accurate sales quotes with a real-time quote management integration.

Fully managed

The Annexa team fully manage the integrations with regular updates, maintenance and hands-on support.