The NetSuite Podcaswas launched in 2018 to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses through inspiring customer growth stories and software insights directly from NetSuite. It’s packed full of valuable information – all delivered candidly 

In this episode Oracle NetSuite Product Industry Marketing Manager, Kelly Scott, breaks down what it takes to succeed in the retail industry today and in the future. She explains the biggest challenges retailers are facing and why those challenges are so prevalent right now. It’s a misconception that brick-and-mortar stores are dyingScott argues, before providing some insight into how physical retailers can adapt to the evolving market.  

Scott addresses the question about whether Amazon is a friend or foe and provides real-life examples of retailers – both old and new – that are seeing huge success.  

In fact, Scott says one of the ways those companies succeed is by blending a physical experience in a digital world, insisting that personalisation and customisation are key no matter what.  

 Take a moment to discover how adopting, adapting and customising is the key to retailer success in our increasingly digital world.