News from Suiteworld17: NetSuite to double number of data centres; adding one in Australia

NetSuite today announced plans for new data centres in Asia-Pacific, including one in Australia.

At Tuesday’s opening keynote of Oracle + NetSuite SuiteWorld 2017, Jim McGeever, executive vice-president, NetSuite Global Business Unit, announced the new data centres.

McGeever said NetSuite had five data centres currently, three of which are in the US. By contrast, Oracle’s core strategy is Platform as a Service (PaaS) with 21 state-of-the-art data centres built just in the last few years.

“NetSuite is going to more than double the amount of data centres as soon as possible,” McGeever said.

The new data centres will be rolled out to Chicago, Frankfurt, China, Japan, Singapore and Australia.

McGeever also spoke about the Oracle acquisition of NetSuite, saying that it means “more” for NetSuite’s future.

“More countries, more industries, more products, more customer success,” McGeever said.

Leveraging Oracle’s size and resources allow NetSuite to truly go global, and advance much deeper, much faster, he said.

NetSuite has field offices in about 10 countries, while Oracle has vastly more. NetSuite now has the go-ahead to launch offices in more countries.

He said NetSuite was hiring and would take in more people in FY2018 than they had total employees in 2012.

“NetSuite can deliver to any company, any size, any country, any vertical and is the most widely deployed cloud ERP on the planet,” McGeever said.

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The top 4 benefits of an integrated ERP system

Today, many companies are struggling to keep up with their growth and manage costs effectively because of disconnected functional systems causing process bottlenecks and employee productivity issues. Integrated business software is transforming how companies run, and is enabling them to surpass growing pains that previously held them back from taking their business to the next level.

To ensure your business grows at the rates you plan for, it is vital to make sure your business software applications are integrated. The advantages include:

Process Efficiency Across Your Organisation: Automating daily processes such as order management, fulfilment, invoicing, cash collection, expense approvals, and financial consolidation enables you to avoid hiring new staff to manage these processes, and instead use these staff for higher-value activities to help your business innovate and grow.

Dramatically Improved Visibility: With an integrated system, data can be accessed anywhere, without wasting resources extracting and consolidating data. An integrated system gives employees real time visibility to make faster and more informed decisions.

Fast-tracked growth: With an integrated software system, expansion to multiple locations and additional sales channels can be accomplished a lot faster because of unified order and accounting management processes and data. Companies can also up sell and cross-sell more efficiently to their existing customer base because of the improved visibility they obtain.

Significant Time and Cost Savings: No longer having to procure, install, and maintain multiple systems as well as the various integrations between them, means a significant reduction in operational costs can be realised.

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