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Annexa acquires Grant Thornton Technology Solutions

We are excited to announce Annexa’s acquisition of Grant Thornton’s Sydney technology solutions division as of July 1, 2017.

In partnership with NetSuite Oracle, the move forms part of a broader expansion strategy for Annexa, allowing us to expand our operations into Sydney to ensure a greater on the ground presence. With the head office remaining in Melbourne, the acquisition takes the Annexa team to over 40 employees and boosts our portfolio value by 30%.

Grant Thornton’s existing technology solutions team will make the transition to work with Annexa. The service delivery currently received by existing GTTS customers will be further bolstered by Annexa’s service capability.

Partner and Solutions Lead Matthew Owens describes the acquisition as the next pivotal step in Annexa’s growth and development.

“As a strategic partner with Oracle NetSuite, this acquisition will allow us to deliver the highest level of professional services to our customers both nationally, and on a global scale,” said Matthew.

After significant interest in AnnexaConnect, our omnichannel systems integration capability, this acquisition will enable AnnexaConnect to build on its presence in the Sydney market.

“It allows us to strengthen our position in the Sydney market, while opening us up to new verticals including the not-for-profit sector,” he said.

Our team are looking forward to being able to further support the global growth plans of NetSuite in the wake of the Oracle acquisition.

In the press release issued for the announcement, Grant Thornton Australia Partner, Technology Advisory & Solutions Alex Gelman said, “Under Annexa’s leadership and ownership, the business will be strengthened, enhancing customer experience and focusing on supporting its customers to maximise business outcomes through cloud technology.”

For more information contact

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The benefits of working with a software partner vs a software vendor

In-house expertise

When you go with a big software vendor, services and support are often outsourced off-shore.

One of the best reasons to implement cloud software through a local partner is that you can receive service, support, and/or training more quickly. At Annexa, all our services are under one roof. We eat, sleep work and play in our offices in Australia. We don’t outsource work so our clients have direct access to a full range of our services and skills locally. This allows us to develop a deep understanding of your needs, recommend the right system for your company and be on hand when you need us to minimise disruptions.

Long term partnerships

We’re in for the long haul. We don’t sell you a system and then leave you to fend for yourself like some software vendors. We build extraordinary relationships with our clients and customise our service offering to facilitate their growth. We grow as you grow.

A solutions based approach

If it won’t work, we won’t recommend it. Annexa is not a software company. We are a professional services company. We know that every business is different and by individually evaluating your business requirements we can present the best solution for your business.

Trusted Advisors

In addition to implementing your solution, a partner will likely offer additional services that can minimize or prevent downtime due to hardware or software problems. A partner can also recommend additional products and services that in addition to your software can help your business achieve greater productivity and efficiency.

Your mission critical business systems need mission ready partners. Our innovative and passionate team of certified experts are here to help you navigate the latest technologies as we reimagine the latest technologies as we reimagine and reshape your business processes. With Annexa at your side, your future is secure.

To learn more about how Annexa can help your business transition to a cloud system built for the future, contact us here.

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News from Suiteworld17: NetSuite to double number of datacentres; adding one in Australia

NetSuite today announced plans for new data centres in Asia-Pacific, including one in Australia.

At Tuesday’s opening keynote of Oracle + NetSuite SuiteWorld 2017, Jim McGeever, executive vice-president, NetSuite Global Business Unit, announced the new data centres.

McGeever said NetSuite had five data centres currently, three of which are in the US. By contrast, Oracle’s core strategy is Platform as a Service (PaaS) with 21 state-of-the-art data centres built just in the last few years.

“NetSuite is going to more than double the amount of data centres as soon as possible,” McGeever said.

The new data centres will be rolled out to Chicago, Frankfurt, China, Japan, Singapore and Australia.

McGeever also spoke about the Oracle acquisition of NetSuite, saying that it means “more” for NetSuite’s future.

“More countries, more industries, more products, more customer success,” McGeever said.

Leveraging Oracle’s size and resources allow NetSuite to truly go global, and advance much deeper, much faster, he said.

NetSuite has field offices in about 10 countries, while Oracle has vastly more. NetSuite now has the go-ahead to launch offices in more countries.

He said NetSuite was hiring and would take in more people in FY2018 than they had total employees in 2012.

“NetSuite can deliver to any company, any size, any country, any vertical and is the most widely deployed cloud ERP on the planet,” McGeever said.

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The top 4 benefits of an integrated ERP system

Today, many companies are struggling to keep up with their growth and manage costs effectively because of disconnected functional systems causing process bottlenecks and employee productivity issues. Integrated business software is transforming how companies run, and is enabling them to surpass growing pains that previously held them back from taking their business to the next level.

To ensure your business grows at the rates you plan for, it is vital to make sure your business software applications are integrated. The advantages include:

Process Efficiency Across Your Organisation: Automating daily processes such as order management, fulfilment, invoicing, cash collection, expense approvals, and financial consolidation enables you to avoid hiring new staff to manage these processes, and instead use these staff for higher-value activities to help your business innovate and grow.

Dramatically Improved Visibility: With an integrated system, data can be accessed anywhere, without wasting resources extracting and consolidating data. An integrated system gives employees real time visibility to make faster and more informed decisions.

Fast-tracked growth: With an integrated software system, expansion to multiple locations and additional sales channels can be accomplished a lot faster because of unified order and accounting management processes and data. Companies can also up sell and cross-sell more efficiently to their existing customer base because of the improved visibility they obtain.

Significant Time and Cost Savings: No longer having to procure, install, and maintain multiple systems as well as the various integrations between them, means a significant reduction in operational costs can be realised.

AnnexaConnect provide comprehensive integration solutions tailored to the needs of many industries and business use cases. Utilising Annexa’s agile methodology we deliver our integration projects to connect and modernise our clients systems and applications.

Click here to find out more about AnnexaConnect or contact us here to discuss how AnnexaConnect can help your business.

Join us at the festival of Retail ideas!

We are excited to be a sponsor at Inside Retail LIVE, Sydney from 29th – 31st March.

The event brings together the brightest minds and biggest talents in the retail industry. Inside Retail Live is about generating new ideas, partnerships and friendships as we boldly face and embrace an uncertain future with technology at its core.

The three days are jam-packed with exciting ideas, brilliant speakers and the latest technologies. There are key note addresses from some of the world’s top retailers, roundtables led by industry pioneers and entertainment galore.

Annexa have some exciting things happening at the event including:

Visit us at stand 112

Come and chat to us at our stand and experience the AnnexaConnect integration between NetSuite and Vend. Having a seamless integration between your ERP system and POS system means it’s easy and fast to run the world’s best retail.

Join us at our round table discussion

An exclusive with Annexa client T2 tea; find out how the leading tea retailers continue to drive global growth and innovation through moving to NetSuite’s cloud ERP. Have your questions answered by Patrick Showyin – Global Director (Supply Chain),T2 Tea and Matthew Owens, Solution Lead, Annexa.

Topic: How to grow your business through innovation with ERP.

Experience the future at our Visual Reality showcase

Annexa’s client and innovation partner REA Group have kindly agreed to showcase some of their latest technology in the VR space.

For more information or to register for the event click here:

We hope to see you there!