Innovate with innovators

Technology keeps moving faster and faster. And it stops for no one. It negotiates endless twists and turns as it powers on, bound for somewhere new – somewhere no one’s ever been. Some businesses get left behind. Others charge ahead with it.

Hello from the forefront.

We’ve been on this epic journey for quite some time. It began way back when computer systems were punch cards in the front of a machine. Back then, punch cards were our speciality. But like any good piece of technology, its days were numbered. We had to innovate or get left behind.

We chose the former. It was the only way we’d survive. Decades later we’re still charging ahead, but now through revolutionary cloud technology.

We call ourselves Annexa. Forward-thinking businesses call us their partner.

Come with us. Because wherever technology is heading, it’s sure to require new thinking, new systems and new innovation. So in many ways, it’s nowhere we haven’t been before.

Our values


Curiosity is our compass. We embrace the spirit of innovation to solve the challenges we face in our working lives.


We are anything but traditional. We are open to change, flexible in thought and nimble by nature.


Colleagues, clients or community, we cultivate relationships. We promote an environment that supports, energises and inspires, so together we grow.


Every voice is valuable. We listen, trust, rely on, and support each other. We are at our best as individuals when working as a team.

Join us

The future is yours to make

We’re a diverse group who come together to turn our collective passion for technology and innovative thinking into an environment that allows us to accomplish great things. If you’re excited to have a innovation-focused career, we’re excited to have you.


Our Culture

Pioneers who embrace innovation

We are true collaborators working together with fresh ideas and bleeding edge technologies. We are a high performance team, who strive for excellence in all that we do. Imagination, curiosity and dedication is intricately tied to all that we do.