What role does the CFO play in the organisation? It has certainly changed dramatically over the last few decades.

No longer solely required to provide sound financial judgement, today’s CFO must step up and take a more business-wide leadership role. Beyond displaying a set of basic habits that make them and their organisations far more adaptable to the pace of digital disruption, the CFO must also embrace new digital tools.  

Fortunately, none of these habits are too far outside their traditional area of expertise. Rather, they extend and enhance existing competencies and talents.  

Embracing new tools however does require clear vision and technology that helps them to both handle their traditional responsibilities of internal controls, compliance and closing the books quickly with more modern requirements – regulatory changes, new disruptive innovations such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, standardisation, and becoming a driver of financial growth. 

This white paper from NetSuite shines a spotlight on the most common habits of highly effective CFOs as it delves into the role-defining trends that are shaping the future of the finance function. 

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