Featuring True Protein’s Chief Financial Officer, Lachie Cornwell

Webinar time: 18 minutes

Tune in to Annexa’s latest webinar with True Protein to learn how they’ve leveraged systems to empower business continuity and innovation during uncertain times. From their inception, True Protein have had a clear mission to cut through an oversaturated health and fitness market to deliver authentic, all-natural, protein-based products that provide genuine health benefits with none of the false promises. High-performing products, first class customer experience and community connection remain the core values of True Protein. However, with the rise of uncertainty during the global pandemic, adjustments had to be made to ensure they could continue this mission.



Annexa’s Matthew Owens sat down with Lachie Cornwell to discuss exactly how True Protein were able to achieve business continuity. In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The mission and growth story of True Protein
  • The strategies and business models they’ve employed to ensure continuity
  • The import role their business systems have played in supporting new strategy
  • Lessons learnt from a transition to NetSuite during uncertain times

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Check out True Protein: https://www.trueprotein.com.au/