Some of the biggest opportunities for Australian retailers lie outside our immediate borders. Figures recently out predict the global cross-border eCommerce market to grow by 25% every year, bringing it to a value of US$900 billion by 2020*.

In this increasingly borderless consumer environment, Australian retailers are finding it difficult to survive, or grow at scale, by catering to local consumers alone. Many are now looking across the seas to transact, deliver, and build consumer loyalty. Regional and global markets are the ‘new local’.

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As NetSuite solution consultants, we have partnered with many retail brands as we support their vision of transacting on the global stage. By delivering technology solutions to streamline their backend operational, our solutions have allowed them to continue to expand into new territories while enhancing visibility and control across the whole business. Get the full story in our project case studies on T2 and Aesop.

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Discover how moving beyond traditional approaches to payments, fulfilment and customer service will help your retail business rise to meet the needs of rapid international expansion.