Professional services industries face two major challenges to their relevance in today’s rapidly transforming digital marketplace.

On one hand, they find themselves competing more fiercely than ever before for the top talent upon whom they depend to grow. On the other, they face emerging competition from technology itself – particularly as their clients look to automate processes from legal research to financial reporting that could once only be done by skilled individuals. Firms that fail to respond will find themselves under increasing pressure to prove their value to their customer base. 

Technologies like ERP software and cloud-based automation can  help them maintain a competitive edge in three main ways: 

  • By making it easier for different professional services teams, often traditionally siloed in their workflows, to share and collaborate around their data sets. 
  • By better understanding the efficiency and availability of their talent across diverse, complex projects, as well as how to optimally allocate those resources. 
  • By improving visibility of work done and work to do—making not only higher but more justifiable billables, as well as insights into where to add extra value for clients. 

In this whitepaper, we reveal how the professional services industry can gain greater insight – and profit – by embracing the latest technologies, and share a selection of Australian case studies along the way. 

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