In today’s fast-moving business environment, big is not always better. The big corporates may be able to throw their weight around but they tend to be be slow and sluggish. On the flipside, small businesses rarely have deep pockets or dedicated marketing teams, yet many nurture cultures that value agility, disruption and innovation. This leaves the door open for a fresh take on traditional models. And many small businesses are taking on the big guys, and winning. It’s David and Goliath for the digital age.  

However, small business owners rarely have time to figure out how they can save time. This means they are often plagued by unreliable manual processes that hinder performance and profitability. 

In this helpful white paper NetSuite and Smart Company show how small business owners can adopt and use accessible, scalable technology to grow their business and improve their cash flow all while retaining the benefits of being small, lean and adaptable. 


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