Late in 2018, NetSuite announced the expansion of their social impact program to support Not for Profits and social enterprises of any size, anywhere.  

The new investments include enriched product donationto help NFPs and social enterprises quickly and easily take advantage of the latest cloud technologies to make the world a better place. 

During the announcement Evan Goldberg, executive vice president of development, Oracle NetSuite, shared: 

 The NetSuite Social Impact program has helped thousands of Not for Profits and social enterprises in the last 12 years, but this is just the beginning and there is so much more we can doThe NetSuite team is excited to see what we can achieve together. The new investments will help Not for Profits of any size spend more of their time and resources on changing the world.” 

Manual processes and outdated software continue to be a top challenge for NFP organisationsIt’s a misconception that NFPs have simple processesTheir processes are often quite complicated with many organisations continuing to rely on time-intensive and manual paper-based processesWith a unified cloud business suite solution, NFPs have the right tools to manage this complex organisational data and automate their systems to overcome the information management difficulties they face. 

Since 2006, the NetSuite Social Impact program has helped more than 1,300 NFPs streamline business processes and focus time and resources on their core mission. Meanwhile, here at Annexa we have worked with a number of NFPs to implement our cloud-first solutions. This includes Guide Dogs AustraliaDoctors without Borders (MSF), Julalikari Council Aboriginal Corporation and Aboriginal Health Council SA (AHCSA) to name a few. 

 Key benefits of NetSuite for Not for Profits in Australia 

  • Gain visibility into your financial health with a powerful Not for Profit and financial management and accounting system.  
  • Demonstrate efficacy of dollars spent to dollars raised.  
  • Measurably describe your service delivery impact.  
  • Break down silos and empower your organisation with a 360-degree view of your donors, volunteers, supporters and clients.  
  • Anytime, anywhere mobile access. 

The increased investment in the NetSuite Social Impact program is focused on three core areas: 

  • Suite Donation: To help NFPs rapidly implement new business systems in the cloud, NetSuite has strengthened its software donation to deliver Not for Profits with a no-cost activation of Nonprofit SuiteSuccess. Building on over decades of industry expertise working with Not for Profits, the leading practices ensure organisations are able to quickly and easily achieve business value from NetSuite on Day 1. 
  • Suite Pro Bono: Building on the success of Suite Pro Bono projects and events, which help customers network, collaborate and innovate on the NetSuite platform, NetSuite is extending the reach of this program to all areas of professional assistance. The expanded program, which includes skilled pro bono and executive coaching, will be delivered by 6,000+ NetSuite employees, partners and customers in a variety of areas from marketing to financial management. 
  • Suite Capacity: To help NFPs share best practices and learn from each other, NetSuite is building on its existing online learning resources to launch a new online community and knowledge centre. The extended online resources and educational opportunities will include guidance on leading practices and education that builds confidence, skills and success. 

To find out more, download the whitepaper ‘Oracle NetSuite social impact for nonprofits and social enterprises’. 

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