Every business can benefit from a system review by a fresh set of eyes.

Meet Annexa

As a leading business system solution provider, Annexa’s experts have extensive experience across a wide range of market sectors. Whatever stage of the journey you’re at, Annexa can help youidentify and plan the route ahead with confidence. When it comes to business system software our team has the most experienced and award winning heads in Australia, with in house specialists in Melbourne.

Why a business systems health check?

Can you access real time information, from any device, at any time?
Is your organisations information secure?
Is your system flexible and customisable to facilitate growth and change?
Are your business systems integrated, allowing for easy communication between systems eliminating manual, error prone processes?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then it might be time for a business systems health check!


Our experts will spend time on-site with you, to gain a complete understanding of your systems and processes and identify any problem areas.

You will receive an innovative and comprehensive document recommending areas of improvement that are geared towards promoting business growth and sustainability.

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Our experts will meet with you on site

We will review the following areas of your business

  • Are your systems aligned with your business strategy?
  • How your financial & business systems are structured
  • What you currently spend on your systems.
  • Top pain points within your systems
  • Your wish list for your ideal system
  • What functionalities does your business require?
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We will provide you with a comprehensive report with our recommendations


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