At Annexa, our deep understanding of non-profit organisations stems from our relationships with a range of non-profits from across Australia. Together our team has helped implement NetSuite as a unified cloud business management solution, complete with the transparency and efficiency needed to run an effective non-profit organisation. 

For non-profits, NetSuite is a highly effective business software system. The solution enables back-office operations with a single, flexible, powerful business application integrating accounting, fundraising, constituent relationship management (CRM), customer service, financials, enterprise resource planning (ERP), inventory management, eCommerce, and more. 

This allows non-profits to introduce efficiencies into organisational processes and accelerate their social impact: 

  • Anywhere, anytime access for a remote workforce. 
  • A unified view of the organisation. 
  • Greater financial oversight and transparency. 
  • Closer engagement with supporters. 
  • A foundation for new digital initiatives. 

Read the white paper A pathway to success: Leading Practices for Nonprofit Organisations, and see for yourself how NetSuite can help your organisation achieve more.