There’s little doubt that the CFO role is in flux.

As technology disrupts and data proliferates, the CFO is expected to take a much bigger stake in business ownership, participate in critical decision making, and leverage technology to transform the business in the digital era.

To help finance leaders respond to these forces, we share the steps CFOs can take to embrace disruption, reshape their role and turn approaching challenges into opportunities for growth.


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In this eBook:

Transformative technologies:

The technologies turning data into insights, guiding strategy and supporting CFO decision-making.

Finance and ERPs:

How CFOs can gain flexibility in a fluctuating business environment, reduce costs, control risks, drive productivity and manage compliance.

The recruitment challenge:

How innovative technologies can help to attract bright, motivated, and talented people.

A culture of compliance

Finding the best path towards unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in order to meet continuously evolving audit, reporting and compliance requirements.

The deluge of data:

Why 81% of CFOs agree that over the next two years the pressure to become more data-driven will increase substantially[1].

[1] Are you ready to be a data-driven executive? (2018). Available at: 9271-491d-be61-b0f78bda5b87%7C253933e6-254c-45db-89cf-c3bccbc06b21