Cloud ERP Application

Faced with a challenge they had not experienced before, Studco Building Systems sought an integration partner able to unite disparate systems and fully automate and optimise their end to end business processes.

Annexa was their preferred choice. So in 2016, we lead their core enterprise architecture transformation to NetSuite, involving the innovative integration to manufacturing system ‘Eclipse’ to replace several older systems, including MYOB Exo.

From humble beginnings in 1986 as a steel stud roll former, based in Melbourne, Australia, Studco has developed into a global manufacturer of premium building systems for the commercial and residential construction industry. After 30 years, the Studco brand and its dedicated team can be found across the globe creating an international network for operations, logistics and customer service.

  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • ERP rollout
  • NetSuite Development
  • Training
  • Support
  • NetSuite One World
  • Manufacturing Integration
  • Inventory Optimisation
  • Mobile Work Orders
  • Mobile Receipting

‘Annexa grasped an understanding of our business needs very quickly and they were focused and flexible in trying to provide a solution customised to our requirements.‘
Phillip Harvey, Group Chief Executive Officer, Studco.

Annexa - Smart Commerce Partners


Studco had little in the way of scheduling, planning, forecasting and distribution management software, let alone real-time metrics or any timely reporting mechanisms. Studco’s employees were required to navigate between multiple systems on a daily basis - processes that although specifically catered to an isolated objective, ate into both their time and productivity and were lacking in connectivity and efficiency.

Raw materials and finished goods were managed in different systems, making it difficult to perform basic tasks such as cost account and closing off accounting periods. The use of multiple and disconnected systems resulted in staff spending significant time manually re-recording data, which hindered proper, on-time decision-making.

Studco required one centralised system that could track costing, labour and machine overheads when creating finished goods from raw materials. They needed a way to keep a correct record of stock levels and valuations and have reliable financial statements. They wanted readily available information so their teams could spend less time on tedious tasks and instead focus on increasing productivity and efficiency.

Annexa - Smart Commerce Partners


“What impressed us about Annexa was their professional approach along with their experience delivering integrations. They focused on the services and process rather than just trying to sell us a software license” Phillip Harvey, Group Chief Executive Officer, Studco.

The Annexa team transformed Studco’s core architecture to NetSuite OneWorld, a cloud ERP system that would meet their needs. One unified cloud system eliminates Studco’s need to move data from one system to another, and provides real-time visibility across multiple subsidiaries and departments.

During the implementation, Annexa’s professional services team developed customised integrations to the NetSuite platform. The highlights include:

- An automation within Studco’s production machine that creates the respective transaction in NetSuite, capturing the financial impacts of production in real time.
- Selected work orders on PDAs (used on the production floor) are automatically built into the system.
- Purchasing & Receiving - whenever the warehouse receives and scans raw material, NetSuite automatically records its purchase order into the system, meaning far less data entry time required.
- Incorporated door calculations into the system’s ordering screen. Whenever customer service enters in a door type, the screen calculates the cuts and components needed based on the door’s
height and width. This allows Studco to create customised work order printouts for better product quality.