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In an industry not known for innovation, JAK Max looked beyond to develop an advanced ERP system ready to support an international expansion that would shape their tomorrow.

When a major wholesale spare parts supplier was looking to roll out a technologically advanced ERP system, Annexa stepped up to design and implement a tailored system to help them seamlessly manage multiple subsidiaries without straining their IT infrastructure.

With a mission to service the dealer better, JAK Max supplies wholesale spare parts for the Outdoor Power Equipment Industry. By supplying the highest quality, most up-to-date and innovative products from across the world, JAK Max gives the dealer back their independence.

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‘Annexa has provided us with incredible customer service, support and back up. In the past the back up wasn’t there and we were left frustrated. With Annexa, their quick response in troubled times is first class.’
Josephine Ayre, JAK Max

Annexa - Smart Commerce Partners


When JAK Max approached Annexa, they were struggling under a system that offered limited functionality. They knew that the right ERP system is key to fostering greater efficiency, productivity and profitability for businesses however, as their customer base grew they were struggling to eradicate unnecessary losses as a result of inventory mismanagement.

To assist with global expansion, JAK Max required a unified system that would allow stock management and transactions to be made across all three subsidiaries, JAK Max, PMD international and their China manufacturing. The new ERP system needed to be smartly tailored in order to allow smoother management of these functions while growing a sustainable global business.

JAK Max were also facing a financial reporting challenge. Utilising the right reporting capabilities in an ERP system creates a powerful tool for data visibility. But their reporting system was cumbersome and disconnected. Employees were required to log in and out of systems and prepare reports based on data exports. This not only ate into resources and productivity, it hindered their ability to report quickly and accurately.

With an ERP system obstructing their ability to promote faster, more efficient growth geared to help the business scale, they knew it was time to change. JAK Max needed to transform their enterprise architecture to a flexible, agile and rapidly scalable platform. An end to end single view of inventory and financials was required to efficiently realise their business ambitions.


‘Improved stock management is the biggest gain. Being able to monitor and move stock between locations as well as the easy flow of ordering helps our business to run smoothly. NetSuite’s stock management and warehouse capabilities with multi locations was a key selling point for us, along with reporting capabilities – we can now generate a report on anything at the click of a button!’ Josephine Ayre, JAK Max.

Having previously utilised a cloud system, JAK Max were familiar with the myriad capabilities that comes with cloud computing technologies. The Annexa team took it a step further and transformed JAK Max’s core architecture to NetSuite One world, a cloud ERP system that would meet their requirements and give them the ability to expand into wider global markets.

NetSuite gives JAK Max ‘out of the box’ consolidated reporting, while allowing them to easily adapt to additional markets currencies, legislations and reporting requirements, all within one system.

With the right ERP system powering JAK Max, they now have the tools necessary to make appropriate business decisions. Tracking, inventory control, real-time data, advanced reporting capabilities, and one single unified system is exactly what JAK Max needs to succeed and prosper in changing global environments, setting themselves apart from competitors while readying them to take on the world.

- Employees in Australia and internationally have the ability to log on anywhere, anytime - all in one system.
- Comprehensive reporting between all three subsidiaries, drastically saving time in consolidation and month end reporting.
- Able to quickly check stock levels in all three locations thereby Increasing productivity and reducing on-hand stock levels.
- Easily perform financial transactions between the three subsidiaries with automatic elimination.
- Trade between all three subsidiaries without time consuming elimination journals and unnecessary additional transaction entry.
- Allow easy translation for the Chinese subsidiary to assist in language barriers.
- Payroll processing for all companies in one system.
- One holistic view of the entire organisation.
- With the possibilities of NetSuite, JAK Max will now look at implementing Suite Commerce Advanced
to eliminate any third party integrations to their website and realise the potential of one seamless system.

‘Annexa has simplified things for our business. NetSuite is easy to use and the possibilities of what we can do with the platform are endless, NetSuite grows as our company grows.’ Josephine Ayre, JAK Max.