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In 2014 Aēsop needed a new business management tool and partner to support their speed of global expansion. The brief was to consolidate several disparate systems, from financials to global supply chain management. They needed one system that would adhere to local statutory requirements of each country and have the ability to run in multiple languages. We suggested NetSuite OneWorld.

Aēsop was established in Melbourne in 1987. Their objective has always been to formulate skin, hair and body care products of the finest quality; they investigate widely to source plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients, and use only those with a proven record of safety and efficacy. In each of their unique stores, informed consultants are pleased to introduce their range and to guide your selections. Alongside our commercial activities, Aēsop explore and support the arts as an avenue through which to inspire, learn and communicate. Aēsop are headquartered in Melbourne, and have offices and stores in many parts of the world, including New York, London, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Aēsop products are available in more than 250+ signature stores and department store counters across 20 countries, as well as online. Aēsop now employs more than 1500+ people globally and expects to significantly increase its international footprint in the coming years. With this level of historic and projected growth, it became increasingly clear that the company's multiple on-site software systems could not support future needs with the speed and agility required to expand swiftly into new markets

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  • Manufacturing
  • Sub-Contracting Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Wholesale
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‘NetSuite offers us the requisite speed, agility, flexibility and scalability to seamlessly support our future needs, particularly our expansion into new markets. The multi-currency and multi-language capabilities of NetSuite OneWorld are a standout for us.’
Troy Smith, Global Head of ICT, Aēsop

Annexa - Smart Commerce Partners


"The key driver for moving to NetSuite was our rapid international growth, as well as the need for flexible scalability. Our legacy systems spread across multiple markets were ill-equipped to deal with our international expansion plans and limitations quickly began to show.”
Troy Smith, Global Head of ICT, Aēsop

In order to power its rapidly expanding international business Annexa worked with Aēsop to implement NetSuite OneWorld as its business management suite. Annexa helped switch Aēsop to a single instance of NetSuite OneWorld and so replaced over 12 disparate applications, including Sage Pastel, Sage Accounting, QuickBooks, MS Access and numerous MS Excel spreadsheets. NetSuite OneWorld now manages Aēsop’s core business processes —financials, supply planning, inventory management, order management, manufacturing and retail POS interfaced.

NetSuite OneWorld also provides multi-subsidiary, multi-language and multi-currency support, which allows Aēsop to manage its global operations in real-time by consolidating financials in 6 languages, 20 Countries, and 21 different currencies. It also automates reporting and performing cost of sales analytics for all countries.

Before determining that Annexa would implement NetSuite's cloud-based business management suite Aēsop evaluated a number of implementation partners. NetSuite OneWorld was chosen as it was considerably more cost effective than more traditional on-premise ERP solutions, and the suite integrated well with Aēsop’s current ecommerce and in-store POS systems.

Annexa - Smart Commerce Partners


‘Annexa people, and resources, were also key factors in our decision to make the switch. Aēsop is renowned for its highly relationship-driven approach to customer, employee and partner activities. This is of paramount importance to us and we were delighted that Annexa and NetSuite proved to be superior in technology, people and expertise.’
Troy Smith, Global Head of ICT, Aēsop

• 20 countries, 21 currencies, 250+ locations, 6 languages, and counting, all being supported by one cloud ERP system – NetSuite OneWorld
• Automated Retail Point of Sale integration
• Automated integration to multiple 3PL warehouse providers globally
• 1mil+ customer records captured
• 5mil+ transactions processed