Many organisations have traditional ERP systems at the centre of their enterprises dating back a decade or more and loosely integrated with a patchwork of specialised point systems. Disparate legacy systems are batch-based, error-prone and share only a fraction of available data, resulting in fragmented information in siloed systems, scattered across the enterprise.

With a single, unified platform, fragmented sources of data are consolidated into a single repository to create a single source of customer, inventory and order data that allows merchants to provide a more consistent and relevant customer experience while streamlining operations, better managing suppliers and stock, speeding fulfillment, and improving customer service.

For your business-critical functions, how do multiple systems compare to managing one single platform?

Multiple Systems

Single Platform

Customer Information Customer data is siloed in channel-specific systems and often inaccurate and redundant.


A single cross-channel view of a customer that enables consistent and personalised service and offers, builds loyalty and grows lifetime value.
Inventory Visibility restricted to specific channels, limiting the capability to efficiently manage inventory. Accurate, real-time inventory visibility across the entire enterprise helps optimize decisions for profitable fulfillment processes and also meet customer delivery expectations.
Orders Customer expectations fall short with limited ability to manage orders across multiple channels. Centrally manage orders from multiple channels to meet customer expectations to buy, fulfill and return anywhere, process orders faster and lower operational costs.
Returns Cross-channel returns and exchanges are not possible, or are manual and costly to process. Accept returns from all channels, fulfil exchanges, manage credit processing and ensure saleable items return to inventory.
Items Item data and attributes managed in silos, generating multiple versions of the same data. Consolidate and centrally manage item data and attributes across all channels from a single source of truth
Pricing & Promotions Prices and promotions are channel-specific only Prices and promotions are easily rolled out across channels or customer segments.


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