Annexa Announces Corporate Rebrand and New Website Launch

Annexa, a leading Australian NetSuite solution provider, has today announced the official launch of a completely redesigned and expanded website and brand to offer a panoramic view of Annexa’s award-winning NetSuite solutions.

The new website and rebrand was initiated in response to rapid year-on-year company growth and a significant extension of Annexa’s NetSuite products and service offerings. now includes expanded information on the breadth and depth of Annexa’s capabilities in sales, implementation, development, and support services alongside customer stories across the retail, wholesale manufacturing, digital and not for profit sectors in Australia.

“The brand enhancement and website is much more than a logo makeover,” said Matthew Owens, Sales and Marketing Director at Annexa. “We’ve not only completely overhauled the Annexa brand, we’ve created a comprehensive, modern website that better reflects our company’s deep NetSuite knowledge, our commitment to innovation and the high growth value we bring to our customers.”

The launch also includes the premier of Apps by Annexa, Annexa’s in-house developed extensions, connectors and apps. This includes integrations with leading CRM and ecommerce platforms through to NetSuite dashboards, bots, sales tools and other time-saving NetSuite functionalities. Apps by Annexa will continue to roll out new innovative NetSuite products to support customers in deriving further value from their NetSuite investment.

“For twenty five years, our culture of innovation has helped Annexa remain relevant, meet evolving customer expectations and continually improve the customer experience. In the spirit of innovation, the relaunch of better shares this internal drive by presenting our extended skills and capabilities that ensure Annexa is future-fit, no matter what happens next,” said Ross Spriggs, Managing Director at Annexa.

The new website will be updated on a regular basis, with in-depth resources, upcoming events, product/services launches and new apps. Customers and businesses alike are encouraged to explore

new website case studiesNew website apps

More about Annexa

Annexa is an award-winning 5-Star NetSuite Partner offering NetSuite sales, implementation, development and support services to Australian businesses looking to leverage next-gen business systems to create true sustainability and enduring business growth. Visit

Media enquiries:

Ally Woodlock

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A retailer’s survival guide in this digital world filled with instant gratification

The NetSuite Podcaswas launched in 2018 to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses through inspiring customer growth stories and software insights directly from NetSuite. It’s packed full of valuable information – all delivered candidly 

In this episode Oracle NetSuite Product Industry Marketing Manager, Kelly Scott, breaks down what it takes to succeed in the retail industry today and in the future. She explains the biggest challenges retailers are facing and why those challenges are so prevalent right now. It’s a misconception that brick-and-mortar stores are dyingScott argues, before providing some insight into how physical retailers can adapt to the evolving market.  

Scott addresses the question about whether Amazon is a friend or foe and provides real-life examples of retailers – both old and new – that are seeing huge success.  

In fact, Scott says one of the ways those companies succeed is by blending a physical experience in a digital world, insisting that personalisation and customisation are key no matter what.  

 Take a moment to discover how adopting, adapting and customising is the key to retailer success in our increasingly digital world.

How to make a next generation store a right now store

It’s clear that the retail industry is going through a transformational period that has many scaling back physical operations. In 2017, Australians spent $21.3 billion online. That’s an 18.7 % increase on the year before.

But despite this people are still choosing to shop in stores. Traditional retail spend stands at $267.4bn compared to online’s $21.3bn spend. But it is the projected growth that is the most telling. Online spend is projected to grow 187% compared to traditional retail’s much smaller 2.5%.

With figures like this, it is clear that digital commerce continues to disrupt retailing like nothing has before, but as the studies show a majority of retail transactions still occur in brick-and-mortar stores.

Now is an unprecedented time to capitalise on this opportunity to shift the expectation of the physical store. To protect and maximise this revenue stream, retailers need to invest in technologies that blend the physical and digital shopping experiences. Merchants also need to develop strategies to help innovate and futureproof their stores to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. Creating a next generation store isn’t something you can put off for another year – it needs to happen now.

In this whitepaper, we explore how Australian retailers can enable a next generation store with a unified technology platform able to run everything from financials, order management, inventory management, POS and eCommerce.

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Metrics that matter: Measuring professional services business

When it comes to managing a services business, few topics generate as much interest – and controversy – as the topic of Metrics. Whether the question is what to measure or how to measure it, it can be challenging to reach consensus within a team environment, much less at departmental and organisational levels. 

There are easily over fifty meaningful metrics a management team could use to assess their professional services business. The issue is determining what specific metrics provide the greatest insight. Unfortunately, revenue and profitability are not the beginning and ending of your measurement process. These two metrics provide very limited insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your PS business.  

In this whitepaper, we introduce a practical metrics framework that managers can use when selecting the appropriate metrics for their professional services organisation. 

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A NetSuite Customer SuiteSuccess Story – DirectScale

Around the globe software and tech companies are turning to the transformative power of cloud-based financials systems to streamline operations and unify their tech stacksIn this latest customer case study, we share the story of NetSuite and fast-growing US startup DirectScale, to show what is possible when customers choose the SuiteSuccess implementation model. 

Discover how SuiteSuccess delivered pre-built workflows, configurations, leading practices, and industry-specific guidance that got DirectScale up and running in less than 100 days. 

Want to know more about SuiteSuccess? 

 NetSuite has bundled up the experience gained from tens of thousands of deployments worldwide into a set of leading practices. These practices pave a clear pathway to success via an intelligent, staged implementation that begins at sales contact and spans the entire customer life-cycle. 

 From start-up, to emerging and corporateno matter where your company falls in the spectrum, SuiteSuccess offers industry-specific experience and expertise to help you make the most of your NetSuite investment quickly.  

 Reach out to a sales consultant to see if SuiteSuccess is a good fit for you. 

Five ways to keep the culture growing with your business

No business can thrive without buy-in from its people. That’s why so many fast-growing businesses attribute their success to their working culture: the right atmosphere and team dynamic will ideally result in greater productivity, efficiency, and experience building up within the business. But as businesses grow, things can quickly change, whether due to the pressures of meeting more demands or the complexities of handling a larger organisation.  

How can growing businesses make sure their culture grows and evolves in line with their overall business? Here are five tips for growing businesses to maintain a vibrant, effective working culture that supports ongoing growth. 

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Distributors address the top 5 key trends in the industry

The wholesale distribution industry now faces major disruption and a true inflection point. 

This came from a recent Deloitte report, where they argued that the current inflection point will be both dramatic and decisive.  

What does this mean? It means wholesale distributors need to evolve or risk becoming obsolete. And they need to start this journey sooner rather than later. From increasing competitor pressures, evolving customer expectations, and the emergence and increased adoption of new technologies, wholesale distributors face changes and challenges unprecedented in the industry’s history.  

Download the whitepaper to dive into the five key trends distributors need to pay attention to as they discover the path to becoming a distributor of the future. 

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Five tips for growing businesses to keep their cash flow healthy 

For fast growing businesses, managing your cash flow effectively is absolutely essential if you want to stay afloat and remain profitable. This is particularly true for businesses who may not have the capital or manpower of larger companies to recover debt and hold tardy customers to account. Yet in APAC, 44.5% of B2B invoices are reported overdue, particularly in Australia, where invoices are still paid 26 days late on average, with locally based businesses ranked the worst in the world at paying their bills on time. 

There’s no reason why someone else’s delays should compromise your business. Explore our How-To guide to find 5 useful tips that any growing business can employ to keep the cash flowing and their operations in good health. 

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NetSuite expands Social Impact program to help Not for Profits change the world

Late in 2018, NetSuite announced the expansion of their social impact program to support Not for Profits and social enterprises of any size, anywhere.  

The new investments include enriched product donationto help NFPs and social enterprises quickly and easily take advantage of the latest cloud technologies to make the world a better place. 

During the announcement Evan Goldberg, executive vice president of development, Oracle NetSuite, shared: 

 The NetSuite Social Impact program has helped thousands of Not for Profits and social enterprises in the last 12 years, but this is just the beginning and there is so much more we can doThe NetSuite team is excited to see what we can achieve together. The new investments will help Not for Profits of any size spend more of their time and resources on changing the world.” 

Manual processes and outdated software continue to be a top challenge for NFP organisationsIt’s a misconception that NFPs have simple processesTheir processes are often quite complicated with many organisations continuing to rely on time-intensive and manual paper-based processesWith a unified cloud business suite solution, NFPs have the right tools to manage this complex organisational data and automate their systems to overcome the information management difficulties they face. 

Since 2006, the NetSuite Social Impact program has helped more than 1,300 NFPs streamline business processes and focus time and resources on their core mission. Meanwhile, here at Annexa we have worked with a number of NFPs to implement our cloud-first solutions. This includes Guide Dogs AustraliaDoctors without Borders (MSF), Julalikari Council Aboriginal Corporation and Aboriginal Health Council SA (AHCSA) to name a few. 

 Key benefits of NetSuite for Not for Profits in Australia 

  • Gain visibility into your financial health with a powerful Not for Profit and financial management and accounting system.  
  • Demonstrate efficacy of dollars spent to dollars raised.  
  • Measurably describe your service delivery impact.  
  • Break down silos and empower your organisation with a 360-degree view of your donors, volunteers, supporters and clients.  
  • Anytime, anywhere mobile access. 

The increased investment in the NetSuite Social Impact program is focused on three core areas: 

  • Suite Donation: To help NFPs rapidly implement new business systems in the cloud, NetSuite has strengthened its software donation to deliver Not for Profits with a no-cost activation of Nonprofit SuiteSuccess. Building on over decades of industry expertise working with Not for Profits, the leading practices ensure organisations are able to quickly and easily achieve business value from NetSuite on Day 1. 
  • Suite Pro Bono: Building on the success of Suite Pro Bono projects and events, which help customers network, collaborate and innovate on the NetSuite platform, NetSuite is extending the reach of this program to all areas of professional assistance. The expanded program, which includes skilled pro bono and executive coaching, will be delivered by 6,000+ NetSuite employees, partners and customers in a variety of areas from marketing to financial management. 
  • Suite Capacity: To help NFPs share best practices and learn from each other, NetSuite is building on its existing online learning resources to launch a new online community and knowledge centre. The extended online resources and educational opportunities will include guidance on leading practices and education that builds confidence, skills and success. 

To find out more, download the whitepaper ‘Oracle NetSuite social impact for nonprofits and social enterprises’. 

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Not for Profit organisation SecondBite and Annexa – a recipe to success with NetSuite

Not for Profit organisation SecondBite and Annexa – a recipe to success with NetSuite

We’re thrilled to announce our latest Not for Profit organisation, SecondBite, to engage the Annexa team as their NetSuite implementation partners.

This relationship brings exciting opportunities for both organisations. For SecondBite, moving from fragmented systems to NetSuite’s integrated cloud solution will set them on a path to reducing costs, improving operational efficiency and freeing up resources that are better spent fundraising, recruiting volunteers and helping more people.

For Annexa, bringing technological advancement to SecondBite – and the many other Australian Not for Profits we work with – and supporting them to grow their impact is something our entire team gets 100% behind, and their annual fundraising gala is a great place to start.

Join us at SecondBite’s 2019 Waste Not Want Not Dinner

As part of this partnership, we’re proud to sponsor SecondBite’s annual fundraising gala. Waste Not Want Not, held on 3 June 2019 will be held at the iconic Melbourne Town Hall. This year 600 attendees will have the opportunity to experience an unforgettable menu created and executed by the MasterChef trio – Matt Preston, George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan.  Hosted by Mick Molloy and Jane Kennedy, this culinary-packed evening also includes a silent auction to support SecondBite’s mission of providing access to fresh, nutritious food for people in need.

Tickets include individual seats, or you can purchase a table for 10 guests, just like the Annexa team have. We look forward to seeing you there.

Book your tickets here, or contact us for more info on how to get involved.


A little more about SecondBite

With a mission to ‘rescue food, help people’, SecondBite rescue surplus food from across the retail network, and redistribute it to over 1,000 local charities around the country providing food relief to people in need.

For every dollar contributed, SecondBite is able to provide the equivalent of 5 meals. In 2017/18, SecondBite rescued over 13.8 million kilograms of food. That’s enough for more than 27 million healthy meals or 75,000 meals every day! Yet, with 4 million plus Australians experiencing food insecurity over a year, there’s plenty more work to do.

The Not for Profit and Annexa connection

Here at Annexa, we help Australian Not for Profits and social enterprises build custom NetSuite solutions to tackle their unique operational challenges. With NetSuite’s unified business management solution Not for Profits can manage everything from one cloud-based application – Not for Profit and grant accounting, fundraising, donor and volunteer records, program efficiency tracking, inventory management, spend management, ecommerce and plenty more.

Our Not for Profit partners include:

  • Guide Dogs South Australia
  • Gunditjmara Aboriginal Cooperative Ltd
  • Aboriginal Health Council of SA
  • Live Better
  • FYA: The Foundation for Young Australians
  • Teach for Australia
  • ANMAC: Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council
  • YWCA Australia

NetSuite discounts for Not for Profit

NetSuite and Annexa support the success of Australian Not for Profits through the power of cloud technology and product/service and support discounts.  NetSuite offer product donations and reduced software costs, while we offer Not for Profit service and support rates. This includes NetSuite ERP at a heavily discounted rate with free core modules including financial, NetSuite’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and NetSuite OneWorld for multiple subsidiary management and advanced financial management.

Beyond affordable next generation cloud solutions, with Annexa Not for Profits get the benefit of our extensive industry experience across design, implementation and delivery of leading practices and solutions that will take Not for Profit organisations to the next level.

To speak with a sales consultant about our Not for Profit cloud solutions, call 1300 994 550 or email